Weekend Words

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Saturday!
Well, the 5K didn't go exactly as planned this morning. Juston has been at a conference out in Arizona all week and was due home last night, so he was supposed to run it with me, but his flights home yesterday were cancelled thanks to the gentleman who tried to set the airport on fire in Chicago. He still hasn't made it back yet, but he's on it way home by way of Atlanta thankfully. I wasn't really keen on him going through Chicago at all after the mess they were trying to deal with yesterday. It's hard to believe how one individuals actions can literally disrupt international travel for days. I felt so bad for the poor employees of the airlines and airports having to deal with that mess hundreds and thousands of miles away. Crazy things happening everyday.
Anyway, back to the race. I'm a very social runner. That is to say, I prefer running with someone or a small group because it makes the time pass more quickly, I tend to do better if I have someone to keep up with and I never stop, because I don't want to be the first one to do it. I debated running at all this morning, honestly, after I found out Juston wasn't coming, but didn't want to quit, so I went ahead. My goal initially was to finish in under 34 minutes, but I started thinking that I really could do it in under 30 keeping up with Juston's long legs. Well, I did awesome the first two miles with a 9:30 pace, which I've never done, but once the course went uphill into mile three I hit a mental wall. That's the point when I love having someone running with me because I won't let myself stop, slowing someone else down. Anyway, I haven't seen the official times yet, and of course, I forgot to stop my watch when I crossed the finish line, but I think I was somewhere around 30:30, which I was really disappointed in myself for. I could have done better but oh well. Now I'm itching for another race so I can beat that time. I think that's what I've fallen in love with about running, is trying to beat my own PR's. I don't really compete with anyone else (I do usually find a person that I try to keep up with that's ahead of me pretty early in a race, but that's more to pace myself), but I love doing better than I was doing a week or a month ago.
It was a beautiful morning in the 60's and the course is really cool, too, so I'm glad I dragged myself out of bed and just did it, even though I'm disappointed I could have done better. So my goal for my next 5K in a few weeks is definitely to get under 30 minutes. I think I'll run with my niece for that one, that chick can run for twelve years old!

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