Workout Wednesday: Core Strength

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Since before I even had a baby, I had lost some of the core strength that just went along with being a lifelong gymnast and cheerleader. When you're flipping and tossing people in the air or holding two of them on your shoulders, you build up a pretty solid core. So, I decided that I wanted to focus on building back my core strength, meaning basically the trunk of your body, stomach and back. A lot of people focus on core as just being your abs, but it really encompasses your entire midsection, front and back. One of the best measures of core strength and best exercises to build a better core is the plank.
My goal is a 5 minute plank hold. I saw a friend of mine that I follow on Instagram talking about doing hers, so I decided it sounded like a fun little challenge for myself as well. Let me just tell you, this old girls strength aint what it once was, but I'm getting back there slowly but surely.
So here's my times from the first three days:

Caroline was climbing all over me the first day I decided to start this, but I don't really think it had much bearing on my time because I didn't do much better the next day haha


These planks are in addition to my regular workouts, both strength and cardio. I did come across a planned 30 day plank challenge if anyone is looking to try this with more of a method to the madness. I'm just sort of winging it to see how long it will take me to get to the 5 minutes, however, look below for a plan I found on the website linked below.
Juston and I are running a 5K here in town this Saturday and planning on hiking Sunday for a bit. The weather is supposed to be beautiful all weekend. The 5K actually takes you across the bridge over the river here in town. I'm pretty excited because this particular 5K was the very first one I ever completely ran this time a year ago. I can't remember exactly, but I think my time was something like just under 38 minutes. I barely beat the walkers across the line! haha My goal this year is to do it in under 34 minutes so we'll see. That's part of the reason I've talked Juston into doing it with me, his long legs make me run faster to keep up. Wish us luck!

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