DIY Halloween Costumes

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I just about messed up this year...I just bought Caroline's Halloween costume a couple of days ago, and had we not been passing a Target on our way home from Auburn, Caroline would most likely still not have a costume. I really wanted to DIY one this year, but was sort of afraid that 1. I would suck at it and 2. I wouldn't get it finished in time. So I took the easy out and just bought one, and she looks precious in it :) 
But, I figure there may be some crafty procrastinators out there still looking for a costume for their little ones, so I wanted to post a few of my favorite DIY costumes that I had saved on Pinterest. Maybe if I start now for next year's costume, I'll have it finished in time. Click on the links below each picture and it should take you to the original source with instructions.

And if you want to check out even more adorable Halloween costumes for little ones, check out Buzzfeed's '26 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers that are just too Cute to Believe'

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