Scenes from our Weekend

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How beautiful is this double rainbow?! I snapped this picture early last week after some storms moved through the county but they resulted in these gorgeous things. This was the second double rainbow we'd seen that day. Caroline was so excited and kept asking to go back outside and see it. God's promises :)

Friday, I finished sewing my second set of curtains for the front room re-do so it wasn't really an eventful evening haha. Saturday though, Juston and Caroline brought me breakfast in bed early and we spent the rest of the day running! It was Juston's 20th high school reunion. He graduated from Harlan, but so many of his classmates are in our around Lexington that they decided to party it up at kind of people!

We tailgated for a couple of hours before heading in to bet (and lose) on the afternoon races. Afterwards, there was a dinner at Portofino's in downtown Lex and we spent the next few hours just hanging out and eating. I've met a few of Juston's classmates over the years, but not too many, but I feel like I know a lot of them just from Juston's stories. He always talks about how they were just all such good people and he wasn't kidding. We had such a great time. I think the plan is to make the get together a yearly event now. 

It was pretty chilly and super windy, but a fun day so we didn't really mind. Lexington is hands down one of the most beautiful Southern cities I've ever seen and I've seen my fair share. If you've never been to Lexington or Keeneland, it's definitely worth the trip. Fall is an awesome time to do Lexington because you can do Keeneland dursing the morning and afternoon, head over to Commonwealth Stadium and catch some SEC football (which is very entertaining this year to watch UK) and then do a bourbon distillery tour on Sunday. I'm not a bourbon drinker but the tours are still really interesting in my opinion. If that's not your cup of tea, some of the horse farms do tours as well. It's definitely a city worth visiting.

Sunday morning, Juston went off to black powder hunt but didn't have much luck, then that afternoon, our Goddaughter and her friend came over so I made pumpkin cookies and sweet tea. I almost burned the house down making my tea, a first for me. I forgot I had put the tea on boil and was in the back of the house folding laundry when I smelled it. I ran back to the kitchen to turn the stove down but it had already bubbled over. When I took the pan off the eye, there was an actual flame on our glass cooktop. I didn't even know that was possible. I'm pretty sure all that sugar in my tea literally went up in flames. It wasn't as dramatic as it sounds. The flames went out right after they popped up, but it was still scary, especially since I had Caroline in the next room.

Once I got Caroline down for her nap, I left Juston with her at the house and headed out to run. I did 4 miles, which I know isn't all that impressive, but I was really proud. I didn't stop except to tie my shoe once and even though I kept my miles on the slow side (10.5-11 minutes) I didn't feel winded at all and am not sore today so I feel good about this 10K we have coming up in the spring. I'm going to have to start hill training more frequently since the course has a 4 incline for much of the first half. That mileage was a big accomplishment for me so I was really happy and already thinking of how many miles I wanted to run during the week and when I could fit it in with work and everything else we have coming up. It really becomes addicting. I'm working in my weight training four days a week right now, too and feeling great. If you don't have a workout routine, I can't recommend enough to get up and do something. with regularity. Walk, do pushups and squats, play some basketball or tennis, stretch. It's amazing how much better you feel.

That was about it for our weekend. Why do they always go by so quickly?

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