September Reads

Sunday, October 12, 2014

September was another slow book month for me, I only got around to reading two, but I liked them both, so I thought I'd share.
This one was a quick read for me. I got into it early on and finished it quickly. There are a few obvious grammatical and editing errors which always kicks me out of the story for a second, but nothing that ruins it by any means. The story follows a wife and mother in Savannah, GA, her letterpress business, her family dynamics and is overall a great read. I try not to ruin anything when I post about books here, but I will say there's a pretty big mystery surrounding the night her sister and husband end up in a car wreck together and it definitely doesn't turn out like I initially suspected.
Karen White is one of those authors that I could (and have) read any one of her books over and over again. She just has such a lyrical way of weaving her stories that completely draw you in as a reader. Falling Home was one of her earlier novels that was re-released after she became a bit more popular. This one is a real tear-jerker so be prepared for that. I would definitely recommend picking it up. I have the original published version, so I'm not sure if the re-release is exactly the same, but it's a great, quick read.

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