The Plains of Auburn

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We have been running around like crazy these last few weeks, so I'm obviously behind on posting here, as well as everything else in life like working out, running, cleaning my house, name it! haha. Oh well, we've enjoyed the traveling and events, so I'm finally getting a chance to get caught up now.
We spent this past weekend exploring the Plains of Auburn with our Goddaughter and some very dear friends of ours who are from Alabama, so we got the grand experience. We drove straight through once Juston got off work Friday and got to Auburn around 11:30 local time where we stayed with our Lexi, who is a senior at Auburn this year. We really wanted to experience our Auburn football game with her before she graduated so we decided on Auburn vs. South Carolina game. Caroline stayed with my sister since it was a lot of driving plus a lot of tailgating and football. None of which are things she would particularly enjoy.

Saturday morning, we met up with Lexi's parents while she worked an event for her major program at school and our first stop was Momma Goldbergs just up the street from where we stayed. I got a Momma Love and Juston got the Buff BBQ and both were out of this world! I would definitely revisit this place on a return trip.
I have watched this beauty grow into such an amazing woman from the time she was about six years old when I met this family through church. We are just so proud of her and couldn't love her more. I even hung up my Georgia shirt for the weekend and put on some Auburn colors. It was easier since Georgia had a bye week before Florida ;)


Next stop was the Tiger Walk which was super fun. We got there a little later, so being short, I couldn't see a whole lot, but it was still a really neat experience. Of course, you had that one SC fan bring their flag to wave around at the Tiger Walk. I mean...what for? haha I don't understand some people but to each their own. I was really hoping one of the girls we've met through our Goddaughter who is at UK would be cheering this game (she's a Gamecock cheerleader now) but no such luck.

After the Tiger Walk, we went on into Jordan Hare stadium to get our seats so Juston could watch the teams warm up, always one of his favorite things to see.

Our seats were amazing, just four rows up from the field and I'm not exaggerating when I say nearly every huge play happened right in front of us or in our end zone, including the final SC pass which was intercepted by and Auburn player to win the game. We saw ourselves on the ESPN replays after the game.
One of my absolute favorite things about college football is the pageantry that surrounds it all. My absolute favorite being when the band takes the field to play the school fight song and the cheerleaders run the team our of their tunnel and onto the field. It gives me goosebumps every. single. time.
The coolest thing in this whole game in my opinion was watching the War Eagle be released right behind us (at the top of the stadium) and seeing it circle high above the stands to finally land on the 50 yard line and the school's emblem. There are no words to describe what a cool experience that was. Later, during breaks in action of the game, they actually walked the eagles around the stadium for the fans to see.

And what Auburn experience would be complete without rolling Toomer' Corner! This was such a cool thing to get to do. I'm a little disappointed that we didn't make it to the game before the Toomer's Oaks were taken down. We missed them by a few weeks when we toured the campus back in the spring.

We rolled on home early Sunday morning and absolutely could not have had a better time with better people. I can't wait for Caroline to experience these things when she's old enough to enjoy them.

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