Weekend Project

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A few years ago, when Juston and I decided that instead of moving out of the house we were in that we'd stay until it was completely paid off, I decided that I was going to start putting a few of my own touches around the house, i.e. de-bachelorize the bachelor pad I'd moved into. I started small with just hanging a few pictures and art, hanging curtains and decorating the guest room. Then I moved to our front room and knew exactly what I wanted to do after seeing the inspiration in an issue of Southern Living.
Pictured above is almost exactly what I'd envisioned. I wanted bright and sunny with some pattern, but nothing too busy. I'd even found a yellow houndstooth arm chair with a coordinating sofa at a local furniture store and I was in LOVE with it! So I found the paint color I liked and Juston painted the room for me one weekend. Step one complete.
At the time, we were in the midst of finishing our basement, so I planned to move the giant sectional from the upstairs into the basement and get the new sofas and chairs for upstairs. But then Juston's friends offered him their leather sofa and loveseat free of charge...My husband can't turn down free, so we were stuck with the big sectional upstairs and my dreams of the cheery, yellow living room were down the drain. In an effort to make the room more cohesive since neither of us really wanted to paint it again, I tried some different pillow covers, some new curtains...none of it really looked good with the yellow given the color of it and the couch.
Fast forward three years later and I finally decided that since we still weren't moving that albatross of a couch, that I'd work with what I had. I picked a paint color, taped off all the woodwork, ordered some fabric to make new curtains and got to work.
The paint color is Popular Gray by Sherwin Williams. It mostly covered in just one coat; I did do some touch ups in quite a few places, mostly trim and corners where I could see the yellow still coming through. The fabric is Buffalo Check in Taupe from Ballard Home Designs.
I painted one wall each night after Caroline went to bed last week and had my mom help me figure out how to use my sewing machine yesterday to sew the curtains and we almost have a finished product now. Now we just need a rug and I already have one picked out. I think I want a couple of new lamps as well, but don't really know what I want for those.
Excuse the mess, but I was so excited that I'd actually sewn a curtain! Pretty beginning since it was just pinning, ironing and sewing a straight line, but I was proud of myself. I got two curtains done last night, so now I have to order the rest of the fabric to make 4 more. I didn't order it all at once because I wanted to make sure I liked it before I spent a chunk of change on them, and I really love them. I do want to get some grommet hooks to hang them with because I think they'll hang better that way. Each curtain panel took 2.5 yards of fabric. I did an inch hem on the sides, doubled over to hide the raw hem and then a 1.75 inch on the bottom and top, also doubled over to hide the raw edge. I just love them and Juston loves that they aren't colorful haha.
I'm getting this rug to complete the room for now. I would eventually love to get an antique armoire to put where the giant bachelor television sits now, and get a smaller flat screen put in it so that we can close it off when not in use. Juston has his big tv in the man cave now, so as soon as this one bites the dust, it's gone!
It was fairly inexpensive as far as re-decorating goes, the most expensive thing being the fabric, but it was cheaper to buy and make my own than it would have been to purchase them already made. We have another small project going on in the kitchen and I'll share more pictures once I have better lighting and a more complete space :)

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