Workout Wednesday

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wanted to post a quick but effective body weight resistance workout. You don't need any equipment, just yourself and a space to move.  Repeat the circuit through 5 times for time, meaning you try to finish the workout as quickly as possible with minimal resting between exercises. I've posted a short explanation along with each exercise in case anyone isn't familiar with it and wants to try it. 

Wide Stance Pushups, 15 (Regular pushup with hands further apart)
Plank Hold with alternating leg lifts, 1 minute (assume plank position, raise leg, return to floor)
Superman Hold, 1 minute (lay on belly, lift chest, arms and legs upward and hold)

Downward Dog Shoulder Pushups, 15 (From down dog position lower head to floor and press back to start)
Lunge Hops, 15 each leg (Lunge down, then hop up, return to lunge)
Hollow Body Hold, 30 seconds- 1 minute (lay on back, arms by ears, lift chest head and toes about 6" and hold)

Side Lying Tricep Press, 15 each side (Lay on side, place top arm by chest and press upper body off floor)
Lying Single leg press, 15 each leg (Lay on back with knees bent, heels to glutes, straighten one leg, leave one foot on ground, press through that foot to lift your butt up and return to start)
Side plank, 30 seconds each side 

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