Workout Wednesday

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm the type of person who likes to set new goals for myself in order to stay motivated, try new things and keep progressing. It's with those things in mind that I decided it was time to get outside of my comfort zone and do something that makes me a little uncomfortable to think about. This weekend, I signed up for my very first 10K in Charleston, SC of course :)
I'm feeling equal parts excited and ignorant. I though very seriously about signing up for the Publix Women's Half Marathon that is in Savannah, GA that same weekend, but I think for me it's best to start smaller. The idea of the half just sort of overwhelmed me to think about and my husband agreed to do the 10K with me, so that sealed the deal for me. I do still have goals further down the road to do a half, I'm just not sure when it'll be.
I know a 10K is nothing to most serious runners, but if you'd told me this time a year ago that I'd ever even consider doing one, I would have called you crazy. I've sort of started to love running. It's kind of funny, because usually the entire time I'm running, I can't wait to be finished, but then as soon as I'm finished, I can't wait to run again. Does anyone else do this?
The Cooper River Bridge Run seemed like an obvious choice since it's in my favorite place in the world. I'm currently finding a training plan and looking forward to doing this with my husband. It'll be a fun couples race :) A lot of the course will be uphill which I'm currently terrible at, so I imagine a lot of hill training in my near future. I'd like to average around a 10 minute mile time, so that's what I'm shooting for. I'll update my training plan once I've settled on one and can't wait to see how this goes!

Also, wanted to share a quick workout I did yesterday. Just need a pair of dumbbells and about 20-25 minutes.

Squat with Overhead Press X 12
Deadlift to Upright Row X 12
Pushup with leg lift (@ bottom of push-up) X 14
Lying Chest Fly with Bridge Up (lift your hips up when fly opens) X 15
Bent Over Row wtih calf raise (raise to toes when pulling weights up) X 12

Repeat 5 times through for time.

I'm still chugging along with my plank challenge that I posted about last week, but I'm having the hardest time getting past two and a half minutes....only halfway to my goal of 5 minutes. I think the more I step up the rest of my strength training, the better I'll get, but it's bugging me in the mean time! 

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