Workout Wednesday ~ BOSU Ball

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I thought I'd share a quick workout I used last week with my BOSU Ball. If you don't have a BOSU, you can find them on Amazon or Dick's Sporting Goods or just google it. I'll list the exercises first, then a short explanation afterwards. You do 10 repetitions of each exercise, 4 rounds total with as little rest as possible. 

Burpees with overhead ball press
Lunge Hops
Squat on Ball
Knee in to Knee ups
Chest Press Outs
Single Leg Bridge Ups

Burpees~ Have round side of ball on ground, flat side up. Squat in front of ball, placing hands on sides, jump feet back so you are in a pushup position. Jump feet back to start, stand up with ball and press it overhead. Return to squat and repeat. 

Lunge Hops~ Just a standard lunge, front foot on the round side of the ball (flat side on ground). To add intensity, hop your front foot off the ball as you stand. It's just a small hop. If you don't feel stable, don't do the hop, just lunge. 

Pushups~ Round side on ground, hands on flat side. Execute standard pushup. you can also kneel to make easier. 

Squat on ball~ Flat side on the ground, stand on round side, feet hip width apart. squat as low as you can go and return to stand. Execute nice and slow. 

Knee-ins to knee ups~ Round side on the ground, hands on flat side in a plank position to start. Bring right knee in to your chest, keeping hips and shoulders in line (don't let your butt come up). As you extend the right leg back, raise that leg taking toes towards the ceiling and allowing your body to raise up to down dog yoga position. Lower leg and return to plank. Repeat all on one side before doing left leg. 

Chest Press Outs~ Stand, feet hip width, with flat side of BOSU toward your chest. Slowly press the ball out until your arms are extended straight in front of your chest. Return to start. 

Single Leg Bridge-Ups~ Flat side of ball on the ground. Lay on your back in front of ball getting your seat as close to the rim as you can. Place right leg on ball to start. You can cross left ankle over right leg, or extend the left leg out to make more difficult. Raise your hips up towards the ceiling and return to start. To make more difficult, don't allow your hips to touch the ground in between reps. 

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My parents host Thanksgiving every year and I have no intentions of taking over the duties any time soon. My mom does too good of a job :) She'd probably rather hand it over, truth be told, but her food is just too good. I usually bring the dessert and mashed potatoes. I do love the thought of doing a Thanksgiving tablescape, however, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites. I've linked to the original sources for each image so you can take a more detailed look at these beautiful table settings. You can also follow along with my Pinterest boards where I came across these beautiful settings to begin with.

Our Weekend

Monday, November 17, 2014

Is it just me or was the weekend gone in a blink? It was a good one, regardless and one that included a lot of relaxing, family time and working out. My kind of weekend. 

Friday evening, I tried a new Pinterest recipe and it's probably the easiest recipe ever. You just roll a can of Pillsbury pizza dough from the can into the bottom of a 13x9 pan, then press it up the sides a bit. Spoon on your favorite pizza sauce ( I just use Kroger brand), add 1/4 cup grated parmesean cheese, and whatever toppings you want. I kept ours simple and did mozzarella, monterey jack cheese, a little cheddar cheese and some turkey pepperonis. It was really good and Caroline just loved it, which is always great! Not my healthiest recipe, but I had it thrown together in under 5 minutes, even with Caroline's help. Bake for 20 minutes at 425. 

During dinner, Juston and I were talking about a trip we have coming up and when I mentioned it to Caroline, she asked to leave the table so I told her yes. She came back with her shoes on, her backpack and her turtle purse and said "I'm ready to go beach. Let's hit the road!" Love that girl! A traveler after my own heart. 

Saturday, my mom and I headed to Lexington to do some Christmas shopping. I had to get Caroline properly outfitted in her Georgia gear before I left though, pants optional. I did make it back in time to watch the game and I'm just so upset over Todd Gurley tearing his ACL. Poor kid can't catch a break it seems. I honestly believe that if UGA could have kept their kids healthy and injury free this season, they could have had an extraordinary possible championship season, but it wasn't in the cards. They still played a great game. Back to our Saturday...

Our first stop was a gift boutique off Chinoe called Violet's.  We'd actually been here before, but they just moved to a new location and the store just has the cutest things. I found a few stocking stuffers for Juston and of course, some things for the house as well. 

Next stop was Two Chicks off of Southland Dr. I found the cutest Christmas tree that was reminiscent of Juston's Redneck Christmas tree. Who knew he was actually being so chic and ahead of his time with that thing?! I also got the wooden Kentucky sign pictured and it's currently in my kitchen. It matched my kitchen perfectly, so it was fate. I really love boutiques like these, especially when it comes time to buy gifts for people, and find fun, unique things for myself and our home. I found a few things at Two Chicks for holiday gifts, as well as some cute home decor. I already need to go back to both of these shops to stock up on their cute Christmas decorations. I crossed about three things off of my Christmas list, so it's progress. And I shopped small ;)

Next obvious stop was chik-fil-a. And then on to the Athens Schoolhouse for some antique browsing. 

how cute is that baby buggy! I'd never seen anything like it! The dealer said she had a woman flying in from Texas just to buy that piece, then renting a vehicle to drive it back home. People do love their antiques! If I could afford it, that credenza would have come home with me. But it was EXPENSIVEEEEEE. Why couldn't I have been born rich? Or invented Spanx first? Oh well, I really do plan on saving up over the next few months and praying that it's still there when I go back for it. Antiques are a great investment in the long haul, because they hold their value so well and usually increase in worth over the years. 

Sunday was low key and COLD. Church in the morning, then my run that afternoon while Caroline napped. Juston was off hunting again, so us girls went down to spend the day with my family. 

I have been running on the treadmill for about that last month, I just hate cold weather, but I decided to brave it yesterday and felt like a popsicle when I was finished. As soon as I was finished, I found myself wishing I'd done five instead of four. I feel like I'm not far enough along in my training for this race in March, but I know I've got time to get there. It really was a good two hours before I felt warmed up again and it wasn't even really that cold, 38 with a wind chill. And this morning, we woke up to snow and the county school have their first official snow day. I'm so not ready for this.

Fashion Friday

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's been awhile since I did an outfit post, mostly because I've been living in my workout clothes, so here are a few times over the last couple of weeks I've gotten dressed in something publicly acceptable.
I just loved this dress! I wore it for Juston's work gala a couple weeks ago. It's recent from Macy's.

Fox Sweater from Old Navy | Leopard Button Down form J Crew | Bracelets by Bourbon and Boweties

Vest from J Crew Factory | Sweater from J Crew
Juston isn't really one to notice much about what I'm wearing, but he complimented this vest as soon as he saw it! haha Go figure.

Vest from J Crew | Black shirt from C Wonder | Leggings from The Blue Door Boutique | Boots from Hunter | Bracelet by Stacey Brown Designs
Gotta love a pop of bright pink for a rainy day outside. These boot can brighten up any gloomy day. Caroline has a matching pair, too.

Bow Earrings from Sugar Boutique | Peter Pan collared shirt from J Crew

Bow flats from J Crew Factory
These are my favorite flats because they're classic and basically go with almost anything. I got them on sale for 50% off a while ago during a Factory Sale

Dress from Nordstrom's | Boots from Target
I really love this dress. I got it a couple of months ago on clearance and it is so much cuter in person than you can tell from the picture. A great, versatile dress for fall.

Everything J Crew Factory | Boots from Target
In case you can't tell, I love vests and boots right now haha.
And how cute are these little shoes I got Caroline from Old Navy! I just love them. She kept calling them her "foxy feet".

The Big Girl Bed

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my quandary of whether or not to move Caroline out of the crib and into the big girl bed my sister handed down to us from her girls. Well, in that post I mentioned how my child has never, not even once, attempted to climb out of her crib. She always just sits hollering for one of us until we come get her. 

This is what her room looked like from the doorway with her crib :(

I kid you not, the very next night, she cried during the middle of the night and it was a scared cry, not the kind she'll sometimes do in her sleep and quieten down right after, so Juston jumped up and hustled to her room and found her sitting in the floor. That's right, I jinxed us. But I felt like it was probably a one time deal with her and she wouldn't do it again given the outcome. She was fine, no injuries to speak of but it scared her. Well, that was a Monday morning and that afternoon, I had to be out of town to work and wasn't due back until at least 9 or so, so that left Juston with bedtime duties. When I got home a little after 9, I wasn't really that suprised to see Caroline still up and dressed in her clothes from the day because it's been my experience that Daddy and bedtime don't really go together all that well, so I didn't think much of it. I walk down the hall to get Caroline's pajamas from her room and was shocked when I walked in and saw the toddler bed I'd put together the week before (which had just been sitting in the hallway ever since) sitting in the place of her crib in her room. Hated it. Wasn't ready for it. And it made me a little bit sad. 

I think Juston was more traumatized than Caroline after finding her in the floor of her room that night she got out of her crib, so he just went ahead and made the switch while I was gone for work. It's been a mixed bag as far as her sleeping in there goes. It's been a week now since he switched it and I think she's made it in there all night twice. Most nights, I see her head pop around our door around 2-4 in the morning. Then there was the night I found her wandering around the kitchen looking for us. Not cool with the whole idea of her being able to have free roam of the house without us knowing about it.

And here's what it looks like from the doorway now. 

Her room is directly across from ours and since our house is all one level, everything is pretty together, meaning you can hear anything that goes on in the kitchen at 6:30 am while Juston makes breakfast, so for that reason, we pull Caroline's door to after putting her down at night. I don't latch it, so she can open it and get out and I don't want to get a baby gate because she's enough like her daddy that she'd either run through it or find a way over it, so why waste the money. One night, she actually knocked on her door from the inside and hollered for me. It was around 3 am, but it was so hilarious, I had to go get her. 

Now I'll be honest, I know that after she gets out in the middle of the night and finds her way to our room, that the responsible, adult thing to do would be to walk her back to her room and tell her she needs to sleep there and then put her back to bed, but  I guess I'm lazy and I need sleep, so I just let her climb up. Like I said, two out of seven nights, she's slept all night in there so I'm hoping that it will grow on her. We're also going to get some of those bed rails to put up on the spots that are open and allow her to easily exit when she wants.

Weekend Recap

Monday, November 10, 2014

Well, this weekend was a doozy! We had our girls up Friday for dinner and playing with their favorite toddler. I just love these two! So does Caroline in case you can't tell. I made pecan-crusted chicken, Harvest salad, crispy (almost burnt) asparagus and banana cake. Then we just hung around watching Vine's, Mickey Mouse and catching up.
Saturday started off with strawberry smoothies and hanging out around the house being lazy. Then that afternoon, my mom, one of my nieces, Caroline and myself headed to Lexington. We did a little bit of Christmas shopping before going over to Rupp Arena to watch some of the girls I work with compete in UCA Regionals. They did an absolutely amazing job and earned their bid to UCA Nationals for the very first time ever! I'm so excited for them! I had tears in my eyes once they finished that routine. I was so proud! I do really miss coaching on days like that, but I'm just happy to still be involved enough to be invested in the girls, but not so much that it takes away from my girl at home. (I only coach tumbling now, not an entire program). All the years I coached cheerleading, I felt like those kids were my kids and I gave them 110% of my time and attention. After I had Caroline, I felt like I was taking away from my girls at practice because I was always worried about the baby and vice versa. I hope to get back into coaching in a few years when Caroline is a bit less dependent on me and I'm able to give it my all again. It was just overwhelming for me. I really admire all the coaches I have seen over the years toting their little ones to these all day competitions and still taking care of their athletes. Cheerleading gets in your blood and you just can't ever get away from it completely. I'm still debating whether I'll go to Disney to watch them compete in Nationals or not. It would be fun, it's a great time of year to go and a good excuse to take Caroline, too!

After the competition, which wrapped up around 7 for their division, we all went to Fazoli's and had dinner before going back home. Juston is off in Georgia on a hunting trip that I got him for his birthday. I have honestly never see him more excited over a birthday gift in all the years I've known him. So for Christmas, I went ahead and decided to do a hog/ turkey hunt for him with the same company he spent the weekend hunting with. He had a great time and the timing of the trip could not have worked out better.

Sunday was low key just the way I like it! I did 4 slow and steady miles running, almost finished making the last set of curtains for our living room (which will complete the room), read a little bit and just hung out with the family. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as well. I do have a goal to finish up my Christmas shopping within the next 2-3 weeks so as to avoid the after-Thanksgiving rush. Just thinking about the holiday shopping crowds give me the hives. All the traffic, no parking spots, people elbow to elbow everyplace you go, blocking the already tight store aisles with their carts. No thank you. I believe I will pass on all that mess. Thank the Lord for weekday and  online shopping. I'm hoping to get finished as soon as possible so I can enjoy everything else the season has to offer!

Weekend Words

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy Sunday. It's a beautiful day here in the Bluegrass state. Planning on doing a whole lot of nothing today outside of a long (for me) run.

Random Tuesday Things

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

 Happy Tuesday everyone! Don't forget to get out and vote today! That's where I'm heading as soon as all these sleepy head kids wake up and get fed. My sister's kids spent the night with us last night. They're out of school for Election Day, but teachers still had to go in so the kids stayed here. Caroline never wants to go to sleep when they're here, they always have a blast running around playing.

Did anyone else's toddler not get the time change memo regarding an earlier bedtime? Caroline has not gone to sleep until after 10:00 since the time changed. I don't get it. I was so looking forward to more time after her new 8:00 bedtime. Joke's on me.  

This is how I had my buffet in our entrance to the house decorated for fall/ Halloween. I took the ghost down already, but I'm thinking I'll just leave the rest through Thanksgiving. It's a mix of real and fake pumpkins and most of the real are keeping very well. I took all of the Halloween decorations down after I put Caroline to bed Halloween night and already have the cornucopia out on the table.  I can't stand having my holiday decorations up past the actual holiday unless it's Christmas. And those always come down New Year's Day. 

We didn't carve a pumpkin this year. I think next year, Caroline will be ready to do it and enjoy it. She may have loved it this year, too, but honestly, we just ran out of time. 

How about this rig Juston got for Caroline!? It is seriously like a mini baby travel hotel or something. We got it with hiking in mind, but I really think it could work for a lot of things like vacation things where we end up walking a lot. She absolutely loved that thing. I really wasn't sure that she'd ride in it at all because she is such a wiggle worm, but she stayed in that thing forever just walking around the house and our yard.  I think we'll take it for an official test drive to Blue Licks soon. 

So I mentioned not being able to get a single decent Halloween picture. Those two above were the only ones from my good camera. And then there was this gem...

Yep. Pretty much sums the experience of trying to get a cute cowgirl's picture. haha It's been a running tradition for about ten years now that my niece Jayden, pictured above with Caroline, has some sort of epic Halloween meltdown every year about her costume. Usually deciding at the last minute that she hates it, so every year from the time she was about three until maybe ten, we have pictured of said meltdown to document it. Well, she has apparently passed the torch to my child. 

I made skinny fettuccini for lunch Saturday and have still been doing really well with my plan to try two new recipes each week. Well it turned out so delicious. I added some baked chicken seasoned with House Seasoning to it as well for some protein and also used garden noodles, so there's a serving of vegetables in each serving of the noodles. And they taste no different to me that the whole wheat or whole grain noodles. I would definitely recommend trying this out! Recipe can be found here

Weekend Recap

Monday, November 3, 2014

We had one cold, windy and rainy Halloween around our parts and it made for an interesting walk Trick-or-Treating. I always hate when that happens for the kids. They have to cover up the costumes they're so excited about, but I'm sure the candy makes up for it :) 

My little cowgirl was in no mood for pictures. She would literally run screaming in the other direction if I so much as looked at her with the phone or camera in hand so these are the best I could do. I do have a few on my good camera I need to upload, but I didn't fare much better with it.

This picture cracks me up. That look on her face is so serious. She just loved her pink boots. I got her whole costume last minute at Target after Pottery Barn Kids cancelled my order a week later due to the little witch going out of stock. It worked out great though because Caroline was excited to be a cowgirl.

Saturday evening, we had Juston's annual work gala to attend in Lexington, at the same venue where Garth Brooks was playing.  I have never seen the like of people crammed into one place, many of whom were three sheets to the wind by 10 pm. I'm going to wager some people did not make it to the encore. haha I HATED not to catch that concert. We started to get tickets to the late show on Saturday, but everything left was nosebleed and I just can't see paying the big bucks without a view to match, so we passed. 

We didn't really get any good pictures of the two of us, besides an iPhone snapshot and a bad selfie, but I loved getting all gussied up and going to a fancy dinner with my hubby. I sure 
missed my baby though. Two weekends in a row of being away overnight is too much for me. We bought our Auburn tickets from last weekend without really realizing it was going to put us away two weekends in a row and the gala was a can't miss, so we just hurried home Sunday after knocking out a very little bit of Christmas shopping. It was a whirlwind of a weekend for sure. One in which that extra hour of fall back came, conveniently, on a night we didn't have a toddler to wake us up at 5 am ;) 

When we got home Sunday, we played with Caroline for a while and enjoyed a sunny afternoon outside, then I put Caroline down for her nap and headed to my sister's house to get her girls ready for their family pictures. My sister has never had professional photos done of their family since her third child came along eight years ago, so I thought it would be a great birthday gift. And I really wanted them outside during the fall with all the pretty colors so the timing worked out well. I can't wait to see how they turn out. 

We've got a big, busy week ahead of us, too. All good things, but I always feel like this part of the year is sort of a blur since it seems like everyone stays so busy. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is one of our girls visiting with our Goddaughter on Friday! She was at UK with our Emi last year, but transferred back to her home college this year and we sure miss her. So I can't wait to squeeze those girls! And of course feed them. I'm in full on meal planning mode ;) I love cooking for my people. It's an outward expression of love in my book. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and got their extra hour. I will struggle with this time change. I always miss those extra daylight hours this time of year. 

Weekend Words

Sunday, November 2, 2014

This e-card seemed fitting given our crazy weather this week. It was in the low 80's /upper 70's Monday and Tuesday, then early Saturday morning, it snowed. I'm not ready for this weather. I don't do cold. Hope everyone has had a great weekend :)