Our Weekend

Monday, November 17, 2014

Is it just me or was the weekend gone in a blink? It was a good one, regardless and one that included a lot of relaxing, family time and working out. My kind of weekend. 

Friday evening, I tried a new Pinterest recipe and it's probably the easiest recipe ever. You just roll a can of Pillsbury pizza dough from the can into the bottom of a 13x9 pan, then press it up the sides a bit. Spoon on your favorite pizza sauce ( I just use Kroger brand), add 1/4 cup grated parmesean cheese, and whatever toppings you want. I kept ours simple and did mozzarella, monterey jack cheese, a little cheddar cheese and some turkey pepperonis. It was really good and Caroline just loved it, which is always great! Not my healthiest recipe, but I had it thrown together in under 5 minutes, even with Caroline's help. Bake for 20 minutes at 425. 

During dinner, Juston and I were talking about a trip we have coming up and when I mentioned it to Caroline, she asked to leave the table so I told her yes. She came back with her shoes on, her backpack and her turtle purse and said "I'm ready to go beach. Let's hit the road!" Love that girl! A traveler after my own heart. 

Saturday, my mom and I headed to Lexington to do some Christmas shopping. I had to get Caroline properly outfitted in her Georgia gear before I left though, pants optional. I did make it back in time to watch the game and I'm just so upset over Todd Gurley tearing his ACL. Poor kid can't catch a break it seems. I honestly believe that if UGA could have kept their kids healthy and injury free this season, they could have had an extraordinary possible championship season, but it wasn't in the cards. They still played a great game. Back to our Saturday...

Our first stop was a gift boutique off Chinoe called Violet's.  We'd actually been here before, but they just moved to a new location and the store just has the cutest things. I found a few stocking stuffers for Juston and of course, some things for the house as well. 

Next stop was Two Chicks off of Southland Dr. I found the cutest Christmas tree that was reminiscent of Juston's Redneck Christmas tree. Who knew he was actually being so chic and ahead of his time with that thing?! I also got the wooden Kentucky sign pictured and it's currently in my kitchen. It matched my kitchen perfectly, so it was fate. I really love boutiques like these, especially when it comes time to buy gifts for people, and find fun, unique things for myself and our home. I found a few things at Two Chicks for holiday gifts, as well as some cute home decor. I already need to go back to both of these shops to stock up on their cute Christmas decorations. I crossed about three things off of my Christmas list, so it's progress. And I shopped small ;)

Next obvious stop was chik-fil-a. And then on to the Athens Schoolhouse for some antique browsing. 

how cute is that baby buggy! I'd never seen anything like it! The dealer said she had a woman flying in from Texas just to buy that piece, then renting a vehicle to drive it back home. People do love their antiques! If I could afford it, that credenza would have come home with me. But it was EXPENSIVEEEEEE. Why couldn't I have been born rich? Or invented Spanx first? Oh well, I really do plan on saving up over the next few months and praying that it's still there when I go back for it. Antiques are a great investment in the long haul, because they hold their value so well and usually increase in worth over the years. 

Sunday was low key and COLD. Church in the morning, then my run that afternoon while Caroline napped. Juston was off hunting again, so us girls went down to spend the day with my family. 

I have been running on the treadmill for about that last month, I just hate cold weather, but I decided to brave it yesterday and felt like a popsicle when I was finished. As soon as I was finished, I found myself wishing I'd done five instead of four. I feel like I'm not far enough along in my training for this race in March, but I know I've got time to get there. It really was a good two hours before I felt warmed up again and it wasn't even really that cold,..like 38 with a wind chill. And this morning, we woke up to snow and the county school have their first official snow day. I'm so not ready for this.

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