Random Tuesday Things

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

 Happy Tuesday everyone! Don't forget to get out and vote today! That's where I'm heading as soon as all these sleepy head kids wake up and get fed. My sister's kids spent the night with us last night. They're out of school for Election Day, but teachers still had to go in so the kids stayed here. Caroline never wants to go to sleep when they're here, they always have a blast running around playing.

Did anyone else's toddler not get the time change memo regarding an earlier bedtime? Caroline has not gone to sleep until after 10:00 since the time changed. I don't get it. I was so looking forward to more time after her new 8:00 bedtime. Joke's on me.  

This is how I had my buffet in our entrance to the house decorated for fall/ Halloween. I took the ghost down already, but I'm thinking I'll just leave the rest through Thanksgiving. It's a mix of real and fake pumpkins and most of the real are keeping very well. I took all of the Halloween decorations down after I put Caroline to bed Halloween night and already have the cornucopia out on the table.  I can't stand having my holiday decorations up past the actual holiday unless it's Christmas. And those always come down New Year's Day. 

We didn't carve a pumpkin this year. I think next year, Caroline will be ready to do it and enjoy it. She may have loved it this year, too, but honestly, we just ran out of time. 

How about this rig Juston got for Caroline!? It is seriously like a mini baby travel hotel or something. We got it with hiking in mind, but I really think it could work for a lot of things like vacation things where we end up walking a lot. She absolutely loved that thing. I really wasn't sure that she'd ride in it at all because she is such a wiggle worm, but she stayed in that thing forever just walking around the house and our yard.  I think we'll take it for an official test drive to Blue Licks soon. 

So I mentioned not being able to get a single decent Halloween picture. Those two above were the only ones from my good camera. And then there was this gem...

Yep. Pretty much sums the experience of trying to get a cute cowgirl's picture. haha It's been a running tradition for about ten years now that my niece Jayden, pictured above with Caroline, has some sort of epic Halloween meltdown every year about her costume. Usually deciding at the last minute that she hates it, so every year from the time she was about three until maybe ten, we have pictured of said meltdown to document it. Well, she has apparently passed the torch to my child. 

I made skinny fettuccini for lunch Saturday and have still been doing really well with my plan to try two new recipes each week. Well it turned out so delicious. I added some baked chicken seasoned with House Seasoning to it as well for some protein and also used garden noodles, so there's a serving of vegetables in each serving of the noodles. And they taste no different to me that the whole wheat or whole grain noodles. I would definitely recommend trying this out! Recipe can be found here

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