The Big Girl Bed

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my quandary of whether or not to move Caroline out of the crib and into the big girl bed my sister handed down to us from her girls. Well, in that post I mentioned how my child has never, not even once, attempted to climb out of her crib. She always just sits hollering for one of us until we come get her. 

This is what her room looked like from the doorway with her crib :(

I kid you not, the very next night, she cried during the middle of the night and it was a scared cry, not the kind she'll sometimes do in her sleep and quieten down right after, so Juston jumped up and hustled to her room and found her sitting in the floor. That's right, I jinxed us. But I felt like it was probably a one time deal with her and she wouldn't do it again given the outcome. She was fine, no injuries to speak of but it scared her. Well, that was a Monday morning and that afternoon, I had to be out of town to work and wasn't due back until at least 9 or so, so that left Juston with bedtime duties. When I got home a little after 9, I wasn't really that suprised to see Caroline still up and dressed in her clothes from the day because it's been my experience that Daddy and bedtime don't really go together all that well, so I didn't think much of it. I walk down the hall to get Caroline's pajamas from her room and was shocked when I walked in and saw the toddler bed I'd put together the week before (which had just been sitting in the hallway ever since) sitting in the place of her crib in her room. Hated it. Wasn't ready for it. And it made me a little bit sad. 

I think Juston was more traumatized than Caroline after finding her in the floor of her room that night she got out of her crib, so he just went ahead and made the switch while I was gone for work. It's been a mixed bag as far as her sleeping in there goes. It's been a week now since he switched it and I think she's made it in there all night twice. Most nights, I see her head pop around our door around 2-4 in the morning. Then there was the night I found her wandering around the kitchen looking for us. Not cool with the whole idea of her being able to have free roam of the house without us knowing about it.

And here's what it looks like from the doorway now. 

Her room is directly across from ours and since our house is all one level, everything is pretty together, meaning you can hear anything that goes on in the kitchen at 6:30 am while Juston makes breakfast, so for that reason, we pull Caroline's door to after putting her down at night. I don't latch it, so she can open it and get out and I don't want to get a baby gate because she's enough like her daddy that she'd either run through it or find a way over it, so why waste the money. One night, she actually knocked on her door from the inside and hollered for me. It was around 3 am, but it was so hilarious, I had to go get her. 

Now I'll be honest, I know that after she gets out in the middle of the night and finds her way to our room, that the responsible, adult thing to do would be to walk her back to her room and tell her she needs to sleep there and then put her back to bed, but  I guess I'm lazy and I need sleep, so I just let her climb up. Like I said, two out of seven nights, she's slept all night in there so I'm hoping that it will grow on her. We're also going to get some of those bed rails to put up on the spots that are open and allow her to easily exit when she wants.

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