Weekend Recap

Monday, November 10, 2014

Well, this weekend was a doozy! We had our girls up Friday for dinner and playing with their favorite toddler. I just love these two! So does Caroline in case you can't tell. I made pecan-crusted chicken, Harvest salad, crispy (almost burnt) asparagus and banana cake. Then we just hung around watching Vine's, Mickey Mouse and catching up.
Saturday started off with strawberry smoothies and hanging out around the house being lazy. Then that afternoon, my mom, one of my nieces, Caroline and myself headed to Lexington. We did a little bit of Christmas shopping before going over to Rupp Arena to watch some of the girls I work with compete in UCA Regionals. They did an absolutely amazing job and earned their bid to UCA Nationals for the very first time ever! I'm so excited for them! I had tears in my eyes once they finished that routine. I was so proud! I do really miss coaching on days like that, but I'm just happy to still be involved enough to be invested in the girls, but not so much that it takes away from my girl at home. (I only coach tumbling now, not an entire program). All the years I coached cheerleading, I felt like those kids were my kids and I gave them 110% of my time and attention. After I had Caroline, I felt like I was taking away from my girls at practice because I was always worried about the baby and vice versa. I hope to get back into coaching in a few years when Caroline is a bit less dependent on me and I'm able to give it my all again. It was just overwhelming for me. I really admire all the coaches I have seen over the years toting their little ones to these all day competitions and still taking care of their athletes. Cheerleading gets in your blood and you just can't ever get away from it completely. I'm still debating whether I'll go to Disney to watch them compete in Nationals or not. It would be fun, it's a great time of year to go and a good excuse to take Caroline, too!

After the competition, which wrapped up around 7 for their division, we all went to Fazoli's and had dinner before going back home. Juston is off in Georgia on a hunting trip that I got him for his birthday. I have honestly never see him more excited over a birthday gift in all the years I've known him. So for Christmas, I went ahead and decided to do a hog/ turkey hunt for him with the same company he spent the weekend hunting with. He had a great time and the timing of the trip could not have worked out better.

Sunday was low key just the way I like it! I did 4 slow and steady miles running, almost finished making the last set of curtains for our living room (which will complete the room), read a little bit and just hung out with the family. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as well. I do have a goal to finish up my Christmas shopping within the next 2-3 weeks so as to avoid the after-Thanksgiving rush. Just thinking about the holiday shopping crowds give me the hives. All the traffic, no parking spots, people elbow to elbow everyplace you go, blocking the already tight store aisles with their carts. No thank you. I believe I will pass on all that mess. Thank the Lord for weekday and  online shopping. I'm hoping to get finished as soon as possible so I can enjoy everything else the season has to offer!

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