Workout Wednesday ~ BOSU Ball

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I thought I'd share a quick workout I used last week with my BOSU Ball. If you don't have a BOSU, you can find them on Amazon or Dick's Sporting Goods or just google it. I'll list the exercises first, then a short explanation afterwards. You do 10 repetitions of each exercise, 4 rounds total with as little rest as possible. 

Burpees with overhead ball press
Lunge Hops
Squat on Ball
Knee in to Knee ups
Chest Press Outs
Single Leg Bridge Ups

Burpees~ Have round side of ball on ground, flat side up. Squat in front of ball, placing hands on sides, jump feet back so you are in a pushup position. Jump feet back to start, stand up with ball and press it overhead. Return to squat and repeat. 

Lunge Hops~ Just a standard lunge, front foot on the round side of the ball (flat side on ground). To add intensity, hop your front foot off the ball as you stand. It's just a small hop. If you don't feel stable, don't do the hop, just lunge. 

Pushups~ Round side on ground, hands on flat side. Execute standard pushup. you can also kneel to make easier. 

Squat on ball~ Flat side on the ground, stand on round side, feet hip width apart. squat as low as you can go and return to stand. Execute nice and slow. 

Knee-ins to knee ups~ Round side on the ground, hands on flat side in a plank position to start. Bring right knee in to your chest, keeping hips and shoulders in line (don't let your butt come up). As you extend the right leg back, raise that leg taking toes towards the ceiling and allowing your body to raise up to down dog yoga position. Lower leg and return to plank. Repeat all on one side before doing left leg. 

Chest Press Outs~ Stand, feet hip width, with flat side of BOSU toward your chest. Slowly press the ball out until your arms are extended straight in front of your chest. Return to start. 

Single Leg Bridge-Ups~ Flat side of ball on the ground. Lay on your back in front of ball getting your seat as close to the rim as you can. Place right leg on ball to start. You can cross left ankle over right leg, or extend the left leg out to make more difficult. Raise your hips up towards the ceiling and return to start. To make more difficult, don't allow your hips to touch the ground in between reps. 

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