22 Weeks + Some Maternity Favorites

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top: Lululemon Pants: Gap Maternity Leggings Shoes: Nike Pegasus

How far along? 22 Weeks

Total weight gain: 7 pounds
Maternity clothes: Maternity pants or workout pants. Still wearing my regular tops
Sleep: Touch and go. I still have that nagging cough going on probably two months now. Some nights it acts up as soon as I lay down to go to sleep and keeps me up for a while.
Best moment of the week: Christmas with a three year old! She is just the sweetest, most appreciative little toddler I know and I just love it. We had a wonderful Christmas.

Food cravings: My body is hating me for all the sweets I had over Christmas and I am currently craving plain chicken, grapes and orange juice big time. I swear, once you get used to eating mostly healthy, your body craves it just like it would crave junk if that was all you ate. 

Feeling: Had a moment this week that reminded me of being pregnant with Caroline. I tried a new workout class my gym started (a version of barre) and felt great all class. Then about ten minutes later, I started feeling like I could pass out so I just chilled for a couple of hours after that (as much as you can with a toddler) and felt fine again. I think it was just working out too early in the day. Since early on with this pregnancy, I've traded my 6:00 am workouts for 7:00 pm workouts because I just felt like I didn't have the energy or stamina to do it early in the day and without much food on my stomach. I still remember passing out during a pedicure when I was pregnant with Caroline...so embarrassing. On a positive note, Boy is really starting to move around where I can feel him now! Certain things he does could be felt from the outside, he just won't ever do it when Juston is close by. Caroline did get her little hand kicked last night though and got so tickled. 

Baby Goodies Acquired: My sweet niece was the only one who got baby boy a gift for Christmas this year and it was just the sweetest thing. She got him his first pack of diapers an outfit to wear at the hospital and a sleeper for next winter. She's too cute!

Pregnancy Fitness: I decided to add this section to keep up with how I have to adjust and change my workouts as my belly grows. I made sure early on that my Doctor gave me the green light to continue doing my workouts as I had been. So far, I lift weights doing splits 4-5 times a week, run (VERY slowly and in intervals) 3 times a week, do cardio 5 days a week total (those runs are included in those days) and do barre 1-2 days a week. I love the videos for at home workouts. I am linking up a few below that I love. 

A few of my Maternity Favorites so far:

Think I have enough belly lotions? Truth is, I got stretch marks after having Caroline (a cruel plot twist after not seeing any the whole pregnancy), so if I'm going to get them, I probably will either way, but I can at least say I tried or maybe not get them as bad. But the lotions linked above are what I use every day. I lotion up my bump three times a day every day usually. 

If you purchase any of the Pure Barre dvd's (there are a LOT more to choose from now, these are just a couple of my favorites), you will also likely need a ball and the double tubing.  

I will say, always talk to your OBGYN before you start anything new related to exercise while pregnant and get their okay first, but these barre workouts are very low impact, don't really elevate your heart rate too much and will typically not leave you too sore the next day. That's the beauty of the stretching focus in these workouts. You work a specific muscle to fatigue, then stretch it out afterwards to both increase your flexibility and prevent much next day soreness. I think barre is ideal for pregnancy workouts and recovery afterward. 

I haven't really purchased much maternity specific this go-around and don't really remember doing so last pregnancy either. I am on the hunt for a baby book for this one. Honestly, I never did very well with keeping Caroline's up to date, so this one probably won't be much different, but I still need to hunt one up.


Date with Daddy

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This past weekend, the cutest thing happened..Juston came knocking on our front door with flowers and a box of chocolates in hand to take Caroline out for a date. I told her to open it since I knew it was for her. He handed her the flowers and asked if he could take her on a date to the movies. She quickly responded, "Yes, You certainly may, Husband." I got it all on video tape and I am SO glad I did!

I told Juston I thought this would be a great monthly tradition for them to do together. By the time Caroline is old enough to start dating (around 30 years old), I want her to have very high expectations of how she deserves to be treated and that all starts with her Daddy. 

Ignore the Christmas mess in the background, but he helped her put her coat on. I made sure she had on a nice little outfit with her hair done and she even asked to put on some of perfume. She knew she was going someplace special, but that was all we'd told her.

And since it was raining, ever the gentleman, he had a umbrella waiting to take her to the car. It was seriously the cutest little scene you could ever see. They went to the movies to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and Juston even sprung for movie priced popcorn. After that, they played in the arcade outside the movies and went for ice cream at the Dairy Queen.  

We are lucky to have Juston home for two weeks during the holiday break. Since he works for a college, they close down the campus over the holidays and he has those two weeks off to hang out at home with us. We always love this time of year just getting to be together all the time all day. It sort of spoils us and stinks when he has to head back to work, but we certainly enjoy the time off we do all have together to just bum around the house and do not a whole lot of anything.

Christmas 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

What a great Christmas we were blessed with! I thought I'd start off by sharing a few of our decorations...nothing special, just the usual stockings and tree photos, but I always love to document them anyway. 

One thing I for sure want in our next house is a fireplace with a big pretty mantle where I can hang our stockings and decorate with magnolia leaves and lights. We make due for now though by hanging them in the bedroom off of the armoire. It does make Santa's job just a bit tougher though. 

Caroline's little tree in her room.               Our main tree in the living room. 

I forgot to take a picture of Juston's redneck tree that he puts up in the basement every year. It's quite impressive. Almost everything on it he either shot or drank. It's a dozy. 

The entrance to our home. I love these nutcrackers my parents gave us a few years ago. 

Now on to the celebration.  On Christmas Eve, we always go to my parents house and each child and grandchild gets to open one gift, which contains the year's Christmas pajamas.

Here's all the grand kids patiently waiting the green light to open. After hanging out at my parents for a bit, we headed home but toured around downtown first to let Caroline see all the Christmas lights aglow. She loved it.

When we got home, we were running around like crazy people trying to get everything done that we needed to and still get Caroline to bed at a decent hour. She fixed Santa up with a real nice plate of cookies and some milk. 

Her first gift from Santa was a new Sophia helmet to use for her bike and scooter when she rides. She is the best little present opener. She takes her time, removing one piece of tape at a time, and just wants to sit and play with whatever she just opened, not really worrying if she has more gifts or not. That's my goal in not ever getting her much for Christmas or birthdays is that she'll really appreciate the things she does get. 

After we open our gifts at home, we head back to my parents to open gifts with the whole family. After the whirlwind of present opening, Mom always makes the best Christmas breakfast for everyone while the dad's assemble toys and the kids play with what they've opened.

Strange to think that we'll have an addition to our little family picture next year!

My parents with all the grand children. 

The OG's...me, my parents and my sister. 

Christmas dinner is something we started doing at our house a few years ago and I really love cooking for everyone. I made ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, macaroni, bread dip and caramel cake and Juston deep fries the turkey. Everything turned out great and the kids and adults all loved their presents. We used to haul our gifts for everyone down to mom and dad's the morning of, but when we started hosting dinner, we decided it'd be nice for the kids to have one more present to look forward to that day. My favorite part of the holidays is always being together with everyone. It all passes by in such a blur and in the end, all you really think about once it's over is the memories you made with the people you love and we made lots of fun new memories this year. 

21 Weeks

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Barefoot and pregnant...perpetuating Southern stereotypes

How far along? 21 Weeks yesterday

Total weight gain: 7 pounds

Maternity clothes? Yes with jeans and leggings. Also, under the bump maternity pants are the only way to go. I hate the ones that come up under your tatas, so uncomfortable. 

Sleep: Caroline and I have both had colds since our trip to Harlan last weekend so sleep hasn't been so great since then.I think last night we both turned a corner though and slept great for the first time in a few days. A vaporizer and some Vicks vapor rub seemed to do the trick!

Best moment of the week: The anticipation of all of the Christmas fun that's right around the corner has me so excited. It's a little bit bittersweet because it's our last Christmas with just the three of us. Weird things like that make me sort of blue. I just don't want Caroline to ever feel slighted at all once she's not an only child anymore so every time I realize we're doing something for the last time with just one baby, I feel a little bit guilty I guess.

Food cravings: Really had a hankering for Ginger Ale and grapes here lately. I will also be doing some real damage on Christmas day with mom and dad's Christmas breakfast and our Christmas dinner. Can't wait!

Feeling? Still really feeling great. I attribute it to my regular workouts and mostly eating well. I can never get enough fruit and water it seems. I've also had more of a sweet tooth than usual lately. I'm hoping it's just a passing thing! 

Baby Goodies Acquired: I grabbed a few matching Christmas outfits for the kids for next year while they were on clearance at some of my favorite little boutique shops.I still haven't really purchased any major stuff because outside of his clothes and crib bedding, I don't think we'll be needing much else.

Here's a couple of their coordinating Christmas threads for next year! It'll be so strange having two running around by then!

Here's one more belly shot. It's better lighting. I feel like I've started to show a lot more this week than I was even last week. Baby boy must have taken a growth spurt. We still have yet to agree on a name. I'm struggling... Merry Christmas y'all! I probably won't be posting anymore this week. Just going to be cooking, baking and wrapping up and storm and enjoying all that Christmas has to offer. Hope everyone has a blessed and special Christmas with the people you love most!

Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

 One of my favorite things since having Caroline is the new holiday traditions that we have started as a family as well as carrying on some of my favorite traditions by introducing them to our next generation. We don't really have anything over the top that we do as far as our yearly Christmas traditions, but there are still things we make a point to do that I just enjoy so much and each year that passes, Caroline seems to enjoy more and more as well which makes it all even better.

Trimming the Tree

Thanksgiving evening, or the morning after we always put up our Christmas tree. I really love Thanksgiving, but for all the time and effort that goes into Christmas decorating, I want to enjoy it for as long as I can without taking away from Thanksgiving. Last year, Caroline helped put up a few ornaments and was over it, but this year, she helped me almost the entire time. The tree is a bit lopsided and bottom heavy as far as ornaments are concerned and it's just too cute to change. She worked so hard hanging everything that I just don't have the heart to move them. 

This was last year's tree. I haven't had the chance to snap a good one of it decorated this year. 

Festive Holiday Breakfast

The week of Christmas, I make a point to do something festive and fun for Caroline's breakfast one morning. Last year I did these reindeer pancakes and I think I'm going to try for a snowman pancake spread this year since it will obviously not be a white Christmas. It was 65 degrees today and supposed to be nearly 70 on Christmas Day. I basically love it. 

Decorating Cookies at Mamaw's

My Aunt and Uncle who own a local bakery here in town, always bring Caroline and her cousins some cookies from the bakery, big tubs of icing, piping bags and food coloring to decorate the cookies. Each grandchild sets up their station at Mamaw and Papa's table and makes a big ole mess icing the cookies and also piping icing straight into their mouths most of the time.  

Baking and Delivering Treats around the Neighborhood

A few days before Christmas, my baking assistant and I take to the kitchen to whip up some homemade sweet treats, then we box them up and deliver one to all of the neighbors to spread some Christmas cheer and calories. We have this on our agenda to complete today, but how cute was my delivery girl last Christmas?!

Finch the Elf

I have to say, I have mixed feelings about our elf Finch. I love how excited Caroline is to pop out of bed every morning and find where he is, but Finch is not a very creative elf and he can be forgetful when it comes to finding a new spot to hang out for the day around our house if you catch my drift. It takes teamwork from Juston and I to keep Finch doing his job. 

Southern Lights

Every year since my sister's first child was born, we have loaded up the whole family and headed to the Horse Park in Lexington to catch the Southern Lights. It's basically just a tour of lights around the Horse Park, then when you park after the lights, you can meet Santa, do a petting zoo, ride horses or camels, see real reindeer, tour a carriage and horse museum, see really neat train displays and do lots of other fun activities. The kids always have a great time and I think the adults look forward to it just as much every year. 

Sending out Christmas Cards

I love to send and receive snail mail and I like taking my time and putting a little something extra into our cards every year. That little extra usually ends up meaning I don't get the last of my cards out until the day before Christmas, sometimes after, but I still really enjoy the process of wax sealing each card. I wanted to dust off my calligraphy kit to address them this year, but I've just run out of time. I'm hoping to get my last round of cards dropped in the mail today. The funny part is I always have my cards ordered and in hand early in December and somehow, they still always get sent out late. What can I say, I'm a procrastinator. 

So there you have it...a few of my favorite things to see and do around the holidays. What are some of your favorites to do that I've missed out on? I'm always looking for things to add into our holiday list. Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days before Christmas.

20 Weeks

Friday, December 18, 2015

How far along? 20 Weeks this past Wednesday

Total weight gain: 5 pounds up

Maternity clothes? I have purchased a pair of maternity jeans, a pair of leggings, a pair of black dress pants and a pair of green skinny jeans. That's all I plan on getting. It was all 50% off at Gap not long ago and I'm thinking that'll get me through.

Sleep: Sleep is good.

Best moment of the week: I am finally starting to feel some baby moves that I know for certain are baby moves. Still not very frequently, mostly at night, but it's definitely him moving around. 
Movement: See above ;)

Food cravings: Nothing really that's a craving. I did have a few days this past week though where I literally could have eaten all day long and still been hungry. I tried my best to snack on mostly healthy foods, but man, I just never felt full. I think I'm over it now. Maybe he was taking a growth spurt or something.

Feeling? Feeling great and happy. I think it helps so much that I'm able to keep up my normal workout routine. I know that's not for everyone while they're pregnant, but I swear that's why I've not been as worn out this go around and why I just generally feel better. I'm planning to do a post about my workouts so far while pregnant sometime soon.

Baby Goodies Acquired: I snagged a few sleepers for this summer's beach trip that are nautical themed and also already have matching Christmas pajamas and Christmas picture outfits for Caroline and Boy for next Christmas. I feel pretty on my game right now. Better feel that way now b/c I'm sure it will be fleeting in a few short months.

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Thursday, December 17, 2015

As it turns out, I'm decisive about very little when it comes to a baby boy. With Caroline, I was so certain about everything from the moment we knew we were having a girl. Her name was already chosen, I'd picked a color scheme for her nursery, I had a list of sewing projects for her room I was working on almost immediately...you get the idea. Heck, this boy baby still doesn't even have a short list of names that Juston and I can both agree on. Just when I think we've got it pinned down, I change my mind. I do know one thing for certain with him though, his room will have checkered bedding. At least the important things are nailed down ;) 

I'm about 90% sure that the navy buffalo check bedding pictured below will be what I go with for his crib. I love it so much. I initially was going to go with a light blue check, but I think this will transition better as he gets older so that I won't have to completely overhaul it at any point. 

Here are a few of my favorite nursery inspiration ideas I have found via Pinterest.

We will definitely be using the same crib Caroline used, which was my dad's. It is really simple and white, so I love the look with the checks. I am most likely going to have to order the fabric and have his bedding made, or make it myself. I really love that highboy in the nursery above. Right now, we still haven't decided for sure where we'll be putting the boy. We only have three bedrooms and we really need our guest bedroom. We have overnight guests very frequently and I want them to have their own space when they stay for comfort and privacy, but right now, the most likely option is that boy is going in the guest room once he moves out of his cradle by our bed. Caroline's room is painted pink and I hate the thought of re-doing her room to put the baby in there because I don't want her to feel displaced in any way at all, but it's not completely off the table that we could maybe repaint a wall and put the crib on it. Honestly though Caroline's room and the guest bedroom are both super small.

While I am a buffalo check lover, I also really love this navy gingham. Juston prefers it to the bigger checks, but he won't be the one buying or sewing it, so I take that with a grain of salt ;)
I think this aviation bedding is just adorable!

If we do end up deciding to put both kids in one room , it will probably look a little something like what you see above. There wouldn't be room for much more furniture than that. Right now, Caroline's room still has her toddler bed in it, but we do have a white iron daybed that some friends handed us down from their daughter to move into her room sometime soon. 

As far as the walls for baby boy, I've found a few things that I think are just too cute.

 Juston is a hunter, so I feel sure he'll get on board with the antler rack on the wall. Only problem I foresee is him trying to use a real deer head or something tacky like that. In fact, I'd almost guarantee the thought has crossed his mind already. 

How sweet are these little watercolor animal prints. My dad drew some similar animals for Caroline's room when I was decorating it. I don't know if I 'll ask him to do anything for this baby or not. Mama has a pretty long honey-do list for him to tackle and I don't want to get in the way of that!

I also really love the looks of this gallery wall. I'm not typically a fan of these things, but something about the smaller scale of this one, I really like. 

This Peter Pan quote will 100% be getting purchased or made for the room. I have always loved this quote and the movie so it's just perfect. 

And finally, I really like the storage ideas in the photo above. The crates on wheels for toys and the shelving I like for keeping books. I think overall, I just love how bright this room is. 

So there you have it...a list of might-could-be but still not-so-sure decorating ideas for the nursery of the baby boy who still has no name. 

The Big 4-0

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We had a pretty big birthday to celebrate around our parts this past weekend. Juston turned 40 this past Saturday!  Gosh, that sounds so much younger than it used to but it's still a lot of years! I planned a surprise party for Friday evening and invited some of our close friends and family over. I'd been working all day in the kitchen to have some of his favorites on hand for an appetizer spread and the most time consuming cake I have ever made, but was so excited to tackle. 

It was supposed to be a 12 layer cake, but I was a little too generous with my batter I reckon because I barely eeked out 11 layers. This thing was a labor of love but so worth it! He loved it and I'd say it may now be our annual birthday cake. 

For his birthday, I got Juston a fishing/ camping weekend in Eufala, Alabama this spring. He was so excited about the foods I'd made for his party! My man will never turn down a good appetizer spread, so I made Cocktail Weenies (this was the highlight for him!), Meatballs, pineapple cheeseball, a cheese, meat and cracker tray, ham sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls and the giant cake.


On top of  the big birthday celebration, we also had Juston's work Christmas party at the end of last week. It's always at a bowling alley/ arcade the next county over from ours and we have taken Caroline the last two years. Our girl will not turn down a party!

Saturday, we were off to Southern States to meet Santa and Caroline was just too cute! She walked right up to him and hugged him, then sat in his lap, cheesed real big for the photographer and hopped down turning to tell him Thank You. She said she asked him for a watch for next Christmas. No clue where that came from. 

There's not much of a slow down in sight for the next week at least. Juston has been in Texas twice already this month, once for work and once for his business, he has invited some of his co-workers over today for a cookout at lunch that I'll be cleaning and cooking up a storm for, we are heading to Harlan for his family Christmas later this week, I still have yet to get out the bulk of our Christmas cards (I may not have even addressed them yet), I need to finish gift wrapping and I have about 10 unfinished decorating projects I was hoping to have wrapped up before Christmas, but I may just have to let that one go for now. Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. I hate that it gets so busy that I almost feel like I can't enjoy it from running all the time, so I've been trying to take things off the calendar that aren't essential. It's not feeling much slower yet though!