Potty Training

Monday, January 26, 2015

Yesterday was kind of a big deal at our house! Caroline has decided that she wants to use the potty now! I've piddled around with potty training her since she turned two back in August, but she hadn't shown much interest in it and I didn't want to push too much. I figured she'd let us know when she was ready. For the past couple months or so, I've put her in her panties of a morning for a couple of hours. She never really cared much one way or another whether she had on panties or her diaper, she'd pee in either!  I would ask her repeatedly and have her sit on her little potty about every twenty minutes, but inevitably, if she would use the bathroom, it was right after I'd picked her up off the potty and put her panties back on her.
The last few weeks, she would tell me right as soon as she'd done it and come ask to be changed. After explaining to her that she needed to either tell me before she peed, or just run to the potty first, she did start telling me instead "I'm peeing" and look down at her legs to see what was up. Progress. She was telling me during instead of after.
Yesterday, we had no plans to leave the house at all, so I thought, what the heck, let's do this panty thing all day. And we did. And she did. The first two times, she peed a little bit in them and would just cross her legs and look at me, so I'd grab her and immediately sit on her on her little potty where she finished doing her business. We made such a huge fuss and she got so excited. She got a sticker every time she used the potty and she just went with it. Since yesterday morning, she has used the potty every single time she's needed to go, even asking to get out of bed last night to use it. Juston and I are so proud and excited! It's sort of sad, too, though because it's like the official end of her baby-hood.
I'm still planning on doing the diaper thing for naps and nighttime, but she surprised the heck out of us yesterday with how great she did. One time, we were all making over her having used the potty, (our Goddaughter was home for the day, too yesterday), and she just jumped up and down and hollered "I'm so proud of myself!". Oh my word, it was the most precious thing!  I still just sort of can't believe it.
A tip one of our friends with older kids gave us that I've already prepared for is to pack puppy pads to put under her in her carseat just in the event that we can't get to a bathroom quick enough during these first few weeks of this potty training deal. I'm also planning on bringing her little mini potty in the car if we'll be in it for any extended period of time.  And I'll be packing extra panties and britches with us everywhere we go now. Grocery trips just got a little bit more interesting. 


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