UCA Nationals

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year in Kentucky! Time for UCA College Cheerleading Nationals in Disneyworld! Cheerleading has been such a huge part of my life for more years than I can count. I cheered most of my years in school starting in fourth grade, cheered in college and coached both recreational and allstar cheerleading from the time I graduated college up until I decided to take a break when Caroline was about six months old. I still keep my foot in the door by doing choreography for teams and working with cheer teams on their tumbling skills. I couldn't give it up completely. When you fall in love with cheerleading, it really does get in your blood. You can never completely leave it behind. And not to brag, but the state of Kentucky has some of the most incredible cheerleading programs in the country, especially in the high school and college division.

Some of my best memories are of cheering in college for Northern Kentucky University and competing at UCA Nationals with my friends and teammates, so I thought I'd do a little reminiscing and my first post in forever with an ode to college nationals. If you're a cheerleading lover like me, you can follow along this weekend at www.Varsity.com  as well as on instagram by following @UCAupdates.

And now, a little trip down memory lane.

Seriously some of the best times. I learned so much about sacrifice, hard work, dedication, trust and working as a team to accomplish a goal. Through literal blood, sweat and tears, I forged some lifelong friendships and amazing memories. I hope all the teams competing this weekend enjoy every second of it! And I'm especially wishing the Kentucky teams good luck! NKU, UK, Morehead all girl and co-ed and WKU. Also, if you get a chance, check out Morehead all-girl's routine from this year. It will blow your mind what these girls are able to accomplish and do so clean and crisp. It's almost not fair because they're so good, it looks easy doing what they do and I can assure you, it's anything but easy. Happy cheering!

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