Five on Friday

Friday, February 27, 2015

I totally ate the whole box of Lemonade girl scout cookies last week, except for like three that I gave Caroline. No regrets, those things are delicious and I figure it's better to just eat them all as fast as possible. Not really, but that's what I told myself.
How adorable is this PFG I got for Caroline to wear when Juston takes her fishing this spring and summer?! I got it from Crystal Faye and their shop address is It's so cute and Caroline wanted to wear it around all day when I showed it to her after it came in the mail this week. I can't wait to put it on her with her little pink rain boots and pink fishing rod.
Mama got a new pair of shoes! I really love these New Balances for J. Crew. I know I will get them so dirty, but I just love anything gold right now. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep them clean.
Am I the only one who's so completely over this cold weather and snow? At least the inside of my house can look more like spring with all the pretty fresh flowers I picked up at Kroger this week. I picked up hyacinth because I just love the way they smell. I planted hyacinth bulbs outside our front door a few years ago and they still come back every year. They were just starting to come up right before we got almost a foot of snow dumped on us last week. They should rally back though once it warms up.
Caroline just loves Miss Fannie's Hat. Some very sweet friends of ours got her this when we first had her and she loves pointing out and naming all the hats and cats in the book. This child gave me a run for my money on Monday. She got up around 9. While I was in the kitchen making breakfast, I could hear her in her room playing with her little kitchen and thought it was so sweet. Well, when I went in there to get her once I was finished making our food, I just followed the trail of water that led from her play kitchen to our bathroom across the hallway. She had over-filled her play kitchen sink with water she'd run and gotten from the bathtub via her toy teapot. She was washing fruit and dishes in it and it was everyplace. Not a huge deal, it cleaned up. As soon as she finished eating and I was cleaning up, she came running in the room to tell me she had to pee. I ran her to her little potty and quickly discovered that she had already done her business and it was most decidedly NOT pee, but something much more disguising to clean up. So, I was cleaning that mess up when Caroline told me she peed on her potty. Well, that seemed like good news. But what she should have said was that she peed on her in on the lid and all over the floor. She did at least sit on it to use it, but never raised the lid. All of this happened over the course of about an hour and a half. Whew, I was ready to hang it up before noon, what a morning! But, we rallied back and I ran it off that afternoon while she napped to the tune of five miles on the treadmill. It was an interesting morning to say the least.
Hope everyone has a great weekend filled with warm weather and sunshine!

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