Life Lately

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I haven't been doing a very good job keeping up-to-date around here. The time I used to spend blogging while Caroline napped is now spent doing my training runs for our upcoming 10K. I'm really getting excited for it. Running is such an interesting sport. There was one day Juston and I ran last week that I looked at him at the end and said, "I just don't know if I can run these 6.2 miles I've signed us up for." Then literally the very next day after my run, I thought to myself, "That was so easy. I've totally got this 10K. Maybe I'll do a half next." Probably not, but it's all mental once you've conditioned your body to a certain point, so I've been trying really hard to make a conscience effort to go into every run with a really positive outlook both of what my body is capable of accomplishing and what my thoughts can control, too. I definitely prefer running outside,  but haven't done too much of it lately with the weather being uncooperative and this upcoming week doesn't look much better. We may end up with over 5 inches of snow tonight! Don't be surprised if you find me further South next winter. I'm not cut out for the cold.

It's not something I'd normally do, but my Aunt and Uncle made an extra cake for Caroline's second birthday back in August so I decided to freeze it and get it out when she was officially two and a half, which was this past weekend. My sister's girls were at the house with us, so it was perfect. She loves blowing out that candle! 

I also finally got around to doing a project I'd had on my list for awhile which was making Caroline a pillowcase dress. This one still didn't have the hem in it, but she wanted to try it on and I just love the way it looks on her. I think I'm going to hem it with a strip of pink fabric, then do a matching pink monogram on the chest. 

Caroline's absolute favorite thing right now is her stool that Juston and I made for her for her birthday. She carries and pushes that thing all around the whole house. She pronounces it "tool" and with her "tool", there's not much that she can't accomplish or reach. She loves playing in the sink in my bathroom while I shower or get ready. She has these little cups that she'll fill with water and it entertains her for minutes! That's a long time for my child to be still. 

She's also really loving helping in the kitchen. She loves to stir things, even though she makes the worst messes every single time, and she loves putting vegetables I've chopped into pots or onto pans; wherever they're going. I'm really hoping that by letting her help young, she'll be a better eater and want to continue to be hands on as she grows up. She will also move her stool over to the utensil drawer while I'm cooking dinner, get out three forks and go set the table. I've never asked her to, she just started doing it one day and it's the cutest thing. 

How cute does she look in the little dress from our sweet Goddaughter, Lexi, or Oinkie as Caroline calls her. Lexi taught her the noise the pig makes last spring when we were down in Alabama visiting and ever since, Caroline associates Lexi with pigs. It's pretty hilarious and cute, so now she's Oinkie. 

Caroline has been an absolute rock star with potty training. She has gone more than a week now staying dry through her nap and she's even starting doing all of her business in the potty, not just peeing. She's still struggling a little bit with doing her more serious business there, but she will come and as to use it now, whereas before, she'd just hide, then come tell me once she was finished. We're still in diapers at night, but I really can't believe how well she's done, I was careful not to push her with it, I felt like as long as I kept reminding her that it was an option and putting panties on her, that she'd let me know when she was ready and she did. So proud of my girl. 

Friday, we went with my parents to my Aunt and Uncle's bakery, Magee's and buddy, does Caroline ever love going out there! Aunt Judy makes sure my girl never leaves hungry ;) If you've never tried their transparent tarts, pictured above, you haven't truly lived, they are out of this world. Been in Southern Living multiple times, even. They ship just about anyplace in the states, too. But don't be fooled, while there is a Magee's bakery in Lexington, they have nothing on our Maysville Magee's. 

I joined our local YMCA back in December and I've been going early two mornings a week and twice on the weekends so that I'm getting four days a week of weight training in, and then three days of training runs for the race. I really like the results I'm seeing so far. I'd almost bet that if I actually cleaned up my diet, I might see those results even faster ;) Speaking of food, we've entertained quite a bit here lately, so I have some really great new to me recipes that I hope to share here soon. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 


  1. She is adorable!! Good Luck working on the 10k I know you will do great.. I have a hard time finding time to run with a little one...

    1. Thank you so much! So far I'm actually enjoying the training. I finally had to start making myself get up before everyone else in the house to get my workouts in. I'm not a morning person, but I'm always so happy to have it done. The good outweighs the bad :)