A Day in the Life

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I always love reading blog posts from other mom's that chronicle a day in their lives, so I thought I would do one of our days. This isn't necessarily a typical day since I didn't have to work and it was hands down the most beautiful day we have had so far this year, so a ton of our day was spent outside.

Most days start off around 9:00 am when Caroline gets up. Every other day, I get up early to workout before she wakes up, but on the days I don't I stay in bed and snuggle with Caroline. The dogs even snooze away until the head of the house gets up.

Once we get up and moving, the dogs get fed, then we get fed and dressed and are raring to go around 10:30. Since it was such a beautiful day, I asked Caroline if she wanted to go to the lake and feed the ducks. It was always one of my sister's kids favorite things to do when they were little. She was so excited when I asked her and said she wanted to go, but asked if she could watch Umi Zumi (however you spell it) first. 
The park was hopping since it was such a nice day. There were people everywhere. And there were ducks and geese everywhere, too.

She even got to help me drive part of the way around the lake in between feedings. I remember doing this same thing when I was little :)

We did a little bit of swinging before we left. It was still pretty muddy, so I didn't take her over to the playground. After a post office run and a pit stop by my parents house, we headed home and had a picnic lunch out in the back yard around 1:00.

Her meal of choice 70% of the time you ask will be rice, so that's what I made her. And you better believe Lucy kept a close eye on Caroline's fork. 

After lunch, we headed out front for some sidewalk chalk drawing and general mess-making. It ended up all over her face, hands and clothes. 

My car has been in need of a good washing for weeks now with all the crazy snow we got last month, so I had the best helper to wash the salt and dirt off. 

The outside time must have worn her out because around 3:15, she went down for the nap. Her naps have been very inconsistent since daylight savings time with her only taking maybe four since the time change. She doesn't really get cranky without it, so I don't force it as long as she'll lay down and be still for a bit as a trade off. I was trying to get her to nap the other day and she sat up and looked at me and said, "Mama, let's just get up. I'm not cranky." And hit me with the biggest smile. How could I argue with her reasoning and subsequent proof?

While Caroline slept, I swept and mopped our floors in most of the house and piddled on Pinterest for a bit. She woke up around 5:15 feeling fresh, so we went outside to play again. Juston got home around 5:30 and we all took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. When we got back to the house, I got started on dinner while Juston and Caroline played in her sandbox. 

It was just too perfect of an evening to spend inside, so once I got dinner made, we headed out to the back deck and ate our dinner there. After dinner, it seems like the rest of the evening just passes in a blur. There's some reading Cat in the Hat, watching Kate and Mim Mim, snuggle time on the couch and before I know it, it's time for bed. Usually around 9:30 I take Caroline back and lay down with her while Juston finishes up some work with his quiet time. 

We definitely had a great time yesterday. My girl is growing up and changing so quickly, but she is just the sweetest and I love her to pieces. She definitely keeps life interesting. 

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