Five on Friday

Friday, March 6, 2015


Well, we had yet another snowpocalypse hit Kentucky Wednesday and Thursday. We ended up getting almost a foot of snow! I don't think I've ever seen so much snow before. Shoveling it was a great workout though. We made the most of our snow day with Daddy though since the college was closed. The whole state was basically shut down and the police were ticketing anyone on the roads who wasn't emergency personnel. 

The dogs were not having it. Poor Dixie had to have a path shoveled, it was over her little head. Lucy usually loves running around in the snow, but even she seems to be over it. 

Caroline had a blast playing with her Moon Sand with her daddy. 

And we stayed entertained for a good twenty minutes or more watching two young guys try to get their Mitsubishi Eclipse up the unplowed hill in front of our house.  Really boys? trekking out into a foot of snow in an Eclispe? My Jeep wasn't even trying to go anywhere. They'd even brought their own shovel in the car. They'd get stuck, get out and shovel, then one would push while the other gunned it and spun out. They did finally get out of the neighborhood though. Hope wherever they were going was open since basically the entire town was closed down. 


How cute are these little bunny dirt cake cups?! Me and Caroline are going to give these a try next week and share with her cousins. I'm going to use a different recipe for dirt cake, but use the presentation idea. I linked the original recipe and picture above. 


First Impression has always been one of my very favorite Lilly prints and they've released it in new colors for spring!!! I'm seriously so excited. I literally want everything in that pattern buuuut, shopping on a budget. I love it so much in yellow, so I'm thinking I'll get Caroline a dress and myself the shorts. I highly doubt this pattern will be around come time for the end of summer sale, so I don't see myself waiting until then like I would for some pieces. Patience isn't really my strong suit. 


I decided to try and take on some more artistic and productive endeavors this year and one of my goals is to learn calligraphy. I've not had a ton of time to work on it, but I really think I'm going to enjoy it. Sewing is another thing I've been undertaking lately and next on my list is to make some pillow covers and then an apron for Caroline. I made our living room curtains a few months back and those turned out really great considering it was my first shot. 


Do you have a certain celebrity who you wish you could just have their entire closet? I do and it's Reese Witherspoon. I feel like she almost always gets it right. I love her casual looks and feel like her style is very chic mama on the go. Anytime I need a little bit of outfit (or hair) inspiration, I search Reese on Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites of hers, I have a ton!


Girl does no wrong in my book. I just love all of these looks plus so many more. People who follow my Pinterest probably think I'm obsessed. Hope y'all have a great weekend!We were planning on heading to another bourbon distillery, but the weather has changed our plans. Probably just a low key weekend spent cleaning and organizing some closets!

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