My 10K Training

Monday, March 9, 2015

The summer before last, I started doing something that I always swore I'd never do. I took up running. At the time, it wasn't feasible to join a gym and running seemed like a great cardio option that didn't require purchasing anything I didn't already have. I started VERY slow and short distances and a bit later, ran my first 5K and sort of became reluctantly hooked. I did something like four 5K's in four months right after I started running and liked the challenge that beating my previous time offered. 
I'd always told myself that I just wasn't cut out to run. Everytime I tried, I was sucking air before I hit the one mile mark, but I figured out that I was just trying to run way too fast to keep that pace for any amount of time. Once I figured out how to pace myself, I haven't looked back. 

I decided last fall that I really wanted to conquer my goal of running a 10K and that the only place to do that was going to be in Charleston, SC :) I signed my husband and myself up for the Cooper River Bridge run.

I have to admit though that now that we're officially less than a month until the race, I'm really nervous about the incline part. I feel like I'm well trained for the distance, but I haven't been able to get in enough hills runs due to the weather. The treadmill I run on has a broken incline so I just run flat. I'm really hoping that now that our most recent snow storm has blown through that I can get the rest of my training runs in outside. I found a training plan one day while I was browsing Pinterest and it's the one I decided to follow. I'll be the first to admit I'm no running expert so there may be better plans out there. If I make it through this race and feel good afterwards, then we obviously have a winner :)

I have followed this plan since the end of December and I like that it's just three days a week. The days I don't run, I lift weights at the gym. I do splits currently that are as follows:

Day 1: Chest and Legs, focus on quads
Day 2:  Shoulders and Thighs
Day 3: Arms and Abs (sometimes I throw in calves and hamstrings)
Day 4: Back and Legs, focus on glutes

I know I'm doing a lot of legs, and I plan to do only light weights these last couple of weeks before the race, but I needed to build a lot of strength up in my legs. I think that will help me with endurance for this race. My true love is lifting, not cardio, so getting back in the gym has been really great for me. I've really started paying more attention to my diet and already lost six pounds in the last two weeks. I have about ten more that I'd like to drop, but I want it to be mainly fat pounds, so in other words, my actual weight may not change by ten pounds, but my body composition will change. I'm trying to get and keep my body fat percentage around 20%. 

This whole time, I have been running in these Nike Free shoes. I really like these shoes for weightlifting and they have been fine for running so far, but as I add distance to my runs, I've decided to switch to something with a bit more arch support since I have a very high arch and am going to try these Saucony Omni's.   If anyone has any other shoe recommendations they recommend, please share! I still feel so new to this running thing to spite doing it for two years now. 

I've never done a race anywhere near the size of this one. There were something like 40,000 people who participated last year. Yep, definitely starting to get nervous. 

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