Our Weekend

Monday, March 16, 2015

We had the most beautiful weekend around here! I hope everyone else did, too. On Saturday, we got to celebrate my oldest niece's birthday. Her birthday was last week and she turned twelve! I really can't even believe it. I feel like my sister's kids have grown double time since I had Caroline. Mostly because I don't get to do as much with them as I used to since they're always busy, but man, I swear, this twelve year old was just born not too long ago it seems. 

How cute is her cake?! Another by our Aunt and Uncle of Magee's Bakery. Jayden loves UK Women's Basketball so she wanted a jersey cake. 

Caroline couldn't wait to bowl! I don't know who had more fun, Caroline or my dad. He said he hadn't bowled since the 60's but he sure made up for lost time. I'm pretty sure he played the entire two hours at the party. 

My girl never lacks for help when her cousins are around. My nephew helped her do her first bowling ball roll. She sat right there until her ball made it's way to the pins. She knocked three down her first try. 

Me and Juston with the birthday girl. She's almost as tall as me now! That's my old sweatshirt from when I was about her age that she's wearing. 

Caroline really loved playing the games in the arcade area, and again had the best helpers around. She said she was driving to the beach. Make room for Mama!

Jayden won all these little stuffed animals from the claw machine and gave them to Caroline. She also won her some other little toys. My girl made out like a bandit.

After the party, we came home and played outside for a long time. We walked around the neighborhood pushing Caroline in her favorite little car and she looked for worms. 

Sunday, Juston and I went on a five mile hill run and it was tough! But I was so glad to have my running buddy for the day. We have't really gotten to train together hardly at all for this race. Usually I run while he keeps Caroline, then he runs before he comes home from work while I have her, so it was nice to get to do it together. I even planted some pansies this weekend. Once that sun came out, I just couldn't stop myself. Today, they're calling for sunny and almost 75 so we'll definitely be getting into some outside fun! Have a great Monday.

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