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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm currently a little over halfway through this stack of books that I ordered a couple months back. I just love to read...books, magazines, you name it. I obviously don't have as much time these days to relax with a book, but I make time usually once a day if I can.

Palmetto Moon is a really cute book that takes place in Charleston and surrounding areas a few decades back. It's part coming of age, part romance and has some really interesting relationship dynamics. I never know how much to give away when I'm talking about a book, so I'll just say I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

Lost Lake is a great read about a young widowed mother's journey to find the happiness she knew as a child at her aunt and uncles property Lost Lake. I always love Sarah Addison Allen's books. There's always just a touch of realistic magic. I'd recommend this book as well.

The Accidental Bestseller was predictable in some aspects, but a lot of "chick lit" can be. I didn't really enjoy it any less because I could infer what was coming next, but it is a neat chronicle of four female writer friends and an interesting journey they embark on together. 

The Dress Shop of Dreams is on my nightstand right now and I plan on starting it tonight. 

I bought American Sniper as soon as I saw the previews for the movie and knew I wanted to read the book as well as see the movie. We went to the movie the week it came out and it is nothing if not powerful. The book, even though I'm still not finished with it reads similarly. Powerful and intense at times. It's an interesting look into what goes through the minds of the men and women defending our freedoms every day. 

Wild is another one I got the book for after seeing previews for the movie. I haven't read or watched yet, but I really was interested in the premise of the story. 

I always love a good book recommendation, so if anyone has them, please let me know!

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