Gone to Carolina

Monday, April 20, 2015

Last weekend, Caroline and I packed up and hit the road to Sanford, North Carolina. I absolutely love the Carolina's and try to get there as often as possible, so when one of my best friends and one of the sweetest ladies you could ever hope to know asked if we could come stay with her youngest daughter for a few days while she and her husband took a trip, we were so excited to do it!
I was admittedly nervous about it the closer it got to time to leave just because it was seven hours drive time with just me and Caroline. I thought she'd do well for the first half and then just be over it and scream and whine. Typically, when we travel, Juston and I take turns riding in the back with Caroline to play with her, hand her things and just keep her entertained. If you've known my child for any amount of time, you know travel was absolutely not an option for about a year and a half after we had her. She'd scream bloody murder from the time I put her in a car seat until she got out. It was misery. I guess we're making up for lost time now traveling so much.
Anyway, we packed up Thursday morning and hit the road around 10:30 after running a few errands in town and stopping to see Juston before we left. I think he may have been more nervous than I was. They were forecasting some pretty bad storms for part of our drive, but we never saw a drop of rain until we were already almost there, so it worked out great.
I had the iPad loaded up with a whole season of 7D, Caroline's current favorite show, so I knew she'd be content for a least a couple of house. Can I just tell you, my child barely made a peep and before I knew it, we were already in North Carolina.
Honestly, she probably would have ridden a bit longer, but mama needed a bathroom break and we were both ready to stretch our legs. We climbed the rock walls at the rest stop, chatted with anyone walking by and pet every dog in sight while we were there, then we loaded back up for the last two hours of the trip. We did hit some heavy rain just past Greensboro, but after a quick stop at Bojangles, we got to Sanford around 6:30. I was so proud of my girl. She never once complained the entire drive down.
Friday, we made muffins for another friend of ours and delivered them while Addi was in school.
I also picked up a bubble blower as a treat for Caroline since she was so good during the ride down and she played with that little $4 shark more than anything I've seen her play with recently. It really is the simple things in life.
Caroline just loves their pup Aubie, too, so we played with him until he was tuckered out all day Friday. I just can't get enough of his cute little face. He was my buddy while we were there and even wanted to sleep with me and Caroline every night. I used to dog sit for him years ago so I guess I made a good lasting impression.
We picked Addi up from school Friday, then she gave us a little tour of the town before picking the cutest little place for us to eat, The Fairview Dairy Bar. Caroline passed out on the way, so she slept through most of dinner, but just happened to wake up right as they were delivering our ice cream ;) Gets it from her mama.
Saturday, we drove to Chapel Hill to take Addi to her tap class, so Caroline and I just busied around town, visited some different shops and walked while class was going on. And of course, there was some frozen yogurt involved.
I swear, I love snapping pictures of Caroline when she's in the eating zone. They always crack me up. Once Addi's tap class was over, we headed back to Sanford and visited an Italian restaurant for dinner. I can't think of the name of it, but I was just a gorgeous evening, so we sat out on the patio and enjoyed the night.
Before we knew it, it was already Sunday and time for us to hit the road back home. How cute are those chicks?! I swear, Addi is just the sweetest little lady you could meet and Caroline just adores her. I will say, for as good as she was on the ride down, she took on a bit of a sassy streak once we got to Sanford. I was hesitant to be too hard on her though knowing she may get me back on the seven hour trip home haha
We made our first pit stop going home in Mt. Airy, NC. I can't visit without getting some Cheerwine, so we hit a Sheetz and took a lunch break.

Caroline's lunch choice was a trey of pepperonis and Colby jack cheese! She's a nut! I was thinking the trip home may not go as smoothly. It started out with the GPS taking us the backwoods way to get back to the interstate, and of course I blindly followed her orders, but we eventually got where we needed to be. Then not even an hour in, Caroline asked to get out and kept saying she wanted me. Generally not a good sign, but I was prepared and had downloaded a whole season of The Backyardigans before we left Sanford. Genius idea. Once I turned it on, she didn't say hardly a word until West Virginia, where we made our only other stop of the drive home. Once again, more for me and than Caroline, but she was definitely ready, too.
I definitely don't want to jinx myself, but I think I may just have a travel buddy for life in this little girl :)

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