Our Weekend

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We had a fun little weekend around our parts, I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well. We've had a busy last couple of weeks between me and Caroline traveling and Juston traveling for work and back home to Harlan to help his mom with a procedure. This past weekend had some running around for us again. I swear, it's like we hunker down and hibernate all winter but once it warms up, we keep the roads hopping.
Friday, we just hung out and enjoyed the beautiful weather on the back patio. Juston got the have two of his favorites, Kentucky bourbon and Carolina beer.
I gave Caroline the option of going with me to Northern Kentucky Saturday or staying home to play with her daddy, and she picked going with me. I'd planned for awhile now to go watch a friend of mine compete in one of her first figure competitions and it started at 9:00 am so we had to leave home around 7:45 to make sure we got there in time.

It's a terrible quality photo, but the best my old iPhone could do with the stage lights. My friend, Katherine is the gorgeous one on the right end. She did amazing and I was so proud of her! She was just made for this. We used to cheer together at NKU in college and she has always done everything 110%. I wouldn't be surprised to see her earn a pro card in the next year or two.
A funny story about watching the competition, there weren't a ton of people at pre-judging and it was in a smaller auditorium so fairly quiet. Well, Caroline's not the quietest kid around and when the male bodybuilders came on stage, she asks me at the top of her lungs, "Mama, why do those boys have boobies?" Face palm. She was so loud, too!
After the competition, I'd made plans to meet up with a very dear friend of mine who's been living in Florida and Georgia for the last few years. She was in Cincinnati with family so I just had to see her while she was in town! Margie and I worked together for years at the YMCA coaching cheerleading and gymnastics and just having a blast. We have so many great memories from our time working together and I just think the world of her.
We had a few hours to kill before we were meeting up with Margie though, so I decided to make the normally twenty-thirty minute trek to Kenwood Mall to check out their Lilly store. Well, once I got on 71 north, I found out it was completely shut down and was re-routed through some questionable neighborhoods in Cincinnati and it took us nearly an hour to get up to the mall. Caroline was so good all day, I took her in the Disney store and let her pick out a treat. By the time we went in a few stores, it was time to head back south and meet up with Margie.

Caroline hadn't seen her since she was about six months old, so we were very excited to meet up with Auntie Marge.

My selfie game isn't so strong, but I really wanted a picture of all three of us. We met at McAlisters Deli and it was so good. I hadn't been before but had wanted to try it for a long time. It did not disappoint. Their peach tea was amazing, too!
In the Disney store, Caroline picked out a Minnie Mouse baking set, so she asked on the way home if we could make cookies. She was so well-behaved, I figured what the heck. We whipped up some sugar cookies.
She just loves to dump ingredients and stir.

And lick the spoons and rolling pin. That she gets from her Daddy. I'm always having to swat his hand out of anything I have going on in the kitchen.

I tried my hand at royal icing for the first time and it actually turned out pretty good. I think with some practice, I could be pretty decent at making some cute cookies.

Saturday night, my sister and her family asked to take Caroline to the high school musical, Mary Poppins, so Juston and I enjoyed a date night dinner at a local restaurant. Sunday, it poured all day so we just stayed around the house and I did a lot of cleaning and hit the gym. This coming up weekend, we don't have a thing planned so I'm looking forward to doing some yard work and projects to spruce up the house.

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