Our Weekend

Monday, April 27, 2015

We had such a fun, low-key weekend around our parts. Friday evening, we headed over to my sister and brother-in-law's camper at the campground and had a cookout and a campfire. They got their camper last summer and it is such a fun time for the whole family to hang out right on the river and just relax. 

We stayed at the camper pretty late by our standards these days so we slept in Saturday. Shortly after we got up, Juston already had breakfast ready and my parents picked me up and we went to an antique show that we visit every year when it's in town. We spent a few hours just wandering around. It was nice to be footloose and toddler-free going through all the breakable things. It poured rain most of the rest of the day, so we hung around the house, and then the family all came out to our house for another cookout. 

Sunday, Juston headed to Morehead to go turkey hunting with a friend. He ended up getting a jake and a tom so it was a good day for him :) Caroline and I did some major cleaning up around the house, getting ready for the projects I'm tackling once it warms up just a bit more. 

Once Juston got home, we hung out outside for a while and finally I headed inside to make a new recipe, Hawaiian pizza. 

It was so delicious and super easy and quick to make. I'll share the recipe on Wednesday :)
Hope everyone's weekend was long and relaxing. I'm excited to tackle a few things around the house that have been on my list for awhile. Warmer weather always puts me in a creative mood and in the mood to clean. 

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