Flowers Make me Happy

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I spent the better part of the weekend sprucing up the outside of the house and getting the first round of my flowers planted. Few things make me happier than tending to my flowers and garden. I have a sign in my yard that reads "One is near God's heart in a garden" and I must say, I agree.

I basically just strolled into Lowe's and grabbed things without really thinking and planning, which I feel like I do every single year. I usually end up going three or four times for my landscaping by the time it's all said and done. It's less shocking spreading out the cost that way, too! I've tried each year to plant a least a couple of perennials so I don't feel like those are wasted money since they come back every year. 
I do have a lot of pots as well, though, and those I usually fill with annuals to keep things bright and it makes me happy to look at them when it's all said and done. I also really enjoy going out every morning to water and every evening to deadhead. Caroline is having a ball helping do those things as well, so it's fun to have that to to together. 

A lot of my pots need replacing or painted, but I figured I could get another year out of most of them. 

My hanging baskets still need some colorful flowers thrown in there. I somehow ended up with a really neutral scheme in them and I need some flash. 

I remember reading an article in an issue of Southern Living years ago that featured Charleston window boxes in all their splendor. There were four ingredients to achieving the look and they were a thriller (a tall plant like a spike), a spiller ( something that will grow trailing like ivy or creeping jenny), a shower (something bright and colorful) and something showy that would fill in the pot (think phlox). I try to ascribe to this when doing my pots and window boxes. They are never fully Charleston-worthy, but I give it my best shot. 

We're bringing out the pressure washer soon to clean up the porch, driveway and siding on the house. It seems like every year, I have to scrub down the back because it gets mold on it. I guess from where it's so shady and cool back there. Either way, I spent Saturday and Sunday mostly working outside cleaning and planting and there is still so much to do. I really enjoy working outside in the dirt and Caroline loves playing out there so it works well. The other day while I worked, I set her up a little station in the shade, filled some pots and pans with water and brought out measuring cups, spoons and some bubbles and she played for a solid hour splashing and pouring.  

One of my favorite additions from last summer was these lilacs I planted. They just smell like Heaven! I planted them right outside of the guest bedroom so the scent would come in when the windows are open. I think I may have to do some outside the master bedroom windows now, too because it is amazing how sweet the scent it! 

I had some great help while I worked outside all weekend!

Our pretty Lucy girl... 

Rotten little Dixie...

And this little cutie. Justo had to work for awhile Saturday and went hunting for the first half of the day Sunday, but Caroline made sure to keep him busy once he got home :)

One more thing for the day, Brittany Fuson is having a half off sale today only! I get some really cute paper goods from there occasionally and her art is just so adorable! I grabbed a luggage tag and a couple of greeting cards. 

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