Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We had the most wonderful Memorial Day weekend spent in Alabama with some of the sweetest people you could ever know. It's become a yearly spring trip for us to go stay with some friends in Brundidge, Alabama and visit with our Goddaughter who is in school at Auburn. It's her grandparents that we stay with and she'll drive over and stay so we can all just have a blast together. This year, we worked in some side trips to Eufala and Troy as well and every year we go,  I just fall more in love with Alabama. It wouldn't be too tough to convince me to move there ;)

On the drive down, we stopped in Eufala since I've been wanting to see these Antebellum homes they are so known for for quite some time now. We ate at River City BBQ and it was delicious! I'd never tried the Alabama white sauce BBQ since I'm a North Caroline Q lover through and through, but I decided when in Rome and gave it a whirl. It was really good. I still prefer the vinegar based sauces, but I could be convinced to switch over every now and again.

I'll do a separate post on Eufala and Troy. I snapped so many pics of the gorgeous homes and we toured the Shorter Mansion in Eufala so I have quite a few to share from there as well.

Caroline fell asleep on the way down and back and I just couldn't believe it. She's never been a car sleeper so it's always a nice treat when she decides to take a snooze. 

Mimi and PauPau live on a beautiful farm and have horses and cows and a few ponds. Caroline's first request is always to visit the horses. They are so sweet and Plato, the one on front in that picture, stood and let us love on him for a good twenty minutes. He was the sweetest horse. 

We went to the neighbors farm across the road and Caroline got to see more horses, lots of dogs, guineas, peacocks and so many other cool things. The neighbors actually harvest their own honey and we got to take a bottle home with us. I making buttermilk biscuits for breakfast this weekend to have with it!

Saturday morning, we headed off to the pond to go fishing. Can you believe it was Caroline's first time fishing and she caught TWO fish! One with her daddy and one with her Aunt Lexi. She's just a natural. When Juston tossed the fish back into the pond, she gave him the dirtiest look and said "I was going to eat that fish. He was my supper." Then she looked at me all mad and said "Daddy threw my fish back, Mama!" It was hilarious. We're pretty sure that will be her take away from the morning. Not that she caught the fish, but that her Daddy threw it back! 

Caroline took a few trips around the farm with PauPau on the mule and she helped Mimi in the kitchen, played all sorts of games, we went shopping and sight-seeing in Troy, had a campfire, ate at our favorite Brundidge spot, Sisters and just had the most fun and relaxing weekend. We are so very thankful for all the great family and friends who we've adopted as family that God has put in our lives. 


And my girl is turning into the best little travel buddy we could ever hope for. This was the first long road trip we've taken since potty training her and she was a champ! We have to make two stops down and back each for her bathroom breaks that weren't already being planned on, but she did amazing! I was so proud of my girl.  Hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend.

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