Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'd heard about the gorgeous town of Eufala, Alabama through the grapevine and also seen it mentioned in a few articles I've read recently, so when we packed up and headed to Brundidge, AL I looked it up and found out Eufala was only about an hour away so decided we'd make it a detour on our trip. These beautiful homes I'd heard so much about absolutely did not disappoint. These Southern Gems are even more grand in person that you can imagine. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my good camera along, so all I have to share are the iPhone pictures I snapped, but you'll get an idea of just how grand these old beauties are. 

All of the homes I'm posting are located on the main thoroughfare in town. We stopped to eat at River City BBQ on the way into town and they pointed us in the right direction, which was just up the road from the restaurant. There was quite a bit of traffic when we were going through because of it being Memorial Day weekend. Everyone was headed to PCB and Destin. 

When I found out that you could tour one of the homes, I knew we had to stop! I just couldn't pass it up. We went to the Shorter Mansion, one of the prettiest homes in my opinion. It only cost $5 to tour the home and it's self guided so you can take all the time you need. There is just so much attention to details in old homes that you just don't find anymore. I think that's one of the things I love most about old homes. Check out the intricate woodwork in the floors below.

That molding you see on the wall was all done by hand and is raised from the wall. It's just beautiful in person, no photo could do it justice. Same goes for the leaded glass in the pocket doors. 

I had a couple of photo bombers in lots of these pictures :)

More amazing floors in the home. 

This was probably my favorite room in the whole house, the sun room. The walls and the glass in the windows were all curved and it was just so bright and airy in the room. I could just imagine having family breakfast in here every morning. 

Caroline wanted to take this mirror home! She kept dancing in front of it and singing to herself "Hey girl...Geeet it." It was hilarious. 

I was mildly obsessed with the beautiful doorknobs in the home. Won't be finding these in any Lowe's any time soon. When we eventually build our forever home, I'm going to scour yard sales, antique stores and estate sales looking for things like these doorknobs for the home. I want it to feel old. That's our compromise since Juston doesn't want to live in an old home. He was to build me one that feels old and has lots of old features. 

The bathroom is another room that I couldn't fully capture. It was so clean looking in the simplicity and really something you could see put in a new home these days. The white subway tile, the white hex tiled floors...all of it is so timeless in my opinion. 

I mean, can y'all believe this leaded glass detail?! 

This piano was in the sitting room of the home and hands down the most beautiful piano I have ever seen! 

The Shorter Mansion from the front walk.

This little lady was making herself right at home playing on the front porch and rocking in the rocking chairs. I could have made myself right at home, too ;) If you're ever through or near Eufala, definitely take the time to park your car and explore on foot. And for the husbands, Lake Eufala is the bass fishing capital of the country so there's something for everyone. 

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