Five on Friday: OOTD's

Friday, June 5, 2015

Time for a Five on Friday OOTD edition, as well as some fun family news, too! I think spring and summer would have to be my favorite seasons clothing-wise (and weather wise as well). 

I absolutely adore this Annie Griffin maxi dress! It was an e-Bay score. I need to have it hemmed a bit, but the colors are beautiful in person! Bracelets are Bourbon and Boweties, basically the only accessory I wear aside from my pearls in case you haven't noticed.

I'm fairly certain that I wear white jeans at least three days a week once Easter passes. These are J Crew Factory as is the embroidered top, shoes are Tommy Hilfiger from Macy's and the monogrammed necklace is from Crystal Faye. I actually won it in an Instagram contest last summer :)

One of my very favorite dresses, the Caroline bow dress from Laroque. Shoes are from Blossom Shoes and etc in Greenville, SC, bracelets are Bourbon and Boweties.

I basically want every single thing in the Red Right Return pattern from Lilly Pulitzer. I forget which dress this is, but it's very comfortable. The material is pretty thin, but it has pockets so it felt dressier than a swim coverup to me. Shoes are Jack Rogers. 

I went old school here. Over the last few months, I've lost almost twenty pounds, so I found these shorts from probably six years ago from J Crew and they fit great now :) They've been too small the last few summers. The top is also J Crew, the ring is Bourbon and Boweties and the necklace is John Wind. 

Now for the exciting family news...You've probably seen me post before about my mom's brother and sister-in-law who own a bakery here in town, Magee's Bakery.  They have been an institution in our town for as long as I can remember. They make all of our birthday cakes and Caroline's cakes have all come from there as well. They are nationally known for their transparent tarts which have been featured numerous times in Southern Living magazine, Kentucky Monthly and lots of other publications. Well, his semi-annual visit made headlines this time when my cousin posted pictures of George Clooney's visit to the bakery. 

It's so funny because George is from around here, as was his famous aunt Rosemary Clooney, so he comes home a few times a year and every visit, he goes to the bakery. I think this is one of the only times they have taken a picture with him. After posting it to their Facebook page, it got shared a bunch of times, three news stations have been to the bakery to interview them and they were even featured on Us Weekly's website! I hope this is really great for their business :) They do ship, by the way ;) The transparent tarts are like nothing you have ever tasted and they are better than any other tarts you have have had, I promise you that one! Have a great weekend!

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