Beaufort, North Carolina

Friday, July 17, 2015

I've done such a terrible job of keeping the blog updated this summer, but it has just been flying by and we've been worried more with fun and traveling.  We've got a slow weekend upon us so I'll try and get caught up between all the relaxing and pool time ;)
We took our family vacation a couple of weeks ago and it was so fun! Typically, my whole family will do the beach for a week in the summer, but since my sister and her family were doing a week in Disney this summer, the whole family never got anything planned, so I left it to Juston to plan our trip after suggesting a few different places I'd like to see or re-visit. I'm going to do a seperate post for each stop on our trip so that they don't all run together. We'll also surely revisit each of these places at some point in the future, so any suggestions on things to do, eat or see are welcomed :)

Juston and I usually split driving time when we take trips and whoever isn't driving rides in the back with Caroline to do her bidding;) This was the scene through most of West Virginia. I snapped this while we were stopped at a toll charge booth. 
I swear, somehow, we always end up stopping at the same rest stop in North Carolina. It's so nice and usually a good point to get out and stretch our legs. From our house, it takes right at five hours to get here. We stayed with friends in Sanford, NC on the way to Beaufort, and brought along their oldest daughter for our first leg of the trip. It was so nice to have some time with Lexi. We haven't gotten to visit with her much since she's been at Auburn, so stealing her for a few days worked out great.  

We stayed at the Inlet Inn in Beaufort and it is such a charming little town. The view from our balcony, seen above and below was so beautiful. That's Carrot Island visible across the river and there are wild horses there that you can sometimes spot from the balcony. 

Caroline loved being able to walk our the french doors onto the balcony and see the people on boats, paddleboarding, kayaking and walking their dogs along the water. 

Is this not the cutest house with the cutest fence?! I didn't get it in the shot very well, but there's a mermaid perched high atop the home keeping watch. 

Have I mentioned how over pictures Caroline is 95% of the time? I've probably worn her out with my constant picture-taking, but I love looking back on all these memories. I would definitely recommend the Inlet Inn if you're looking for a place to stay in Beaufort. 

Juston went out on a fishing boat one day we were in town, so Lexi, Caroline and myself hit the shops of course! There is no shortage of adorable places to shop in Beaufort, and they're all right there together on Front Street overlooking the water. 

Caroline had a blast with her Aunt Lexi! 

We passed this quaint beach cottage driving around one day we were there so I had to snap a picture. 

One of Beaufort's highlights was taking the ferry boat over to Shakleford Banks to walk around shelling and seeing the wild horses! As soon as we got off the boat, they were just hanging out there like the official welcoming committee. I think if we'd had more time in Beaufort, we would have packed up everything for a day and just spent a whole day at Shakleford shelling and exploring. As it was, we were limited on time and only spent about an hour or so, but it was definitely worth the trip. 

Waving at all the boats as we passed them. She'd get so offended when people didn't see her to wave back.  

The thing we did not realize about Beaufort was that there is no real beach within walking distance which ended up not being a huge deal. We just drove to Atlantic Beach and used the public access there instead.

Caroline has loved the beach and the ocean since her firth trip there, so she got so excited when we finally got there! She loves running full speed into the waves and giving her mama a heart attack.  She only got a mouthful of salt water once the whole trip, so that was much better than what I was expecting.

I'll do another post that focuses more on what Beaufort has to offer, but I will say, we'd love to go back, just in a different capacity. I think our return trip will be more focused on Juston fishing and me and Caroline shopping and relaxing. Lexi and I really wanted to paddleboard, but when we tried to rent them, they only had one and it was out last day there, so unfortunately we didn't get to. But Beaufort was a great first stop on our vacation. Next up...Charleston...

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