Charleston, South Carolina

Monday, July 20, 2015

 Charleston is always a good idea. I don't care what time of year, in my opinion, you can never go wrong with a trip to the Holy City. We were just there in March for the Cooper River Bridge run and decided to work it into this trip as well.We have some wonderful friends who opened up their home to us for a couple of days, so we couldn't turn that offer down!

We drove from Beaufort, NC to Charleston and our first stop upon arriving was meeting up with our friend who works at The College of Charleston for a tour of the campus. After walking around for awhile, we headed over to have dinner at a place I've had on my list to try for a while but never had gotten around to. We went to Fleet Landing and it was wonderful. There was about an hour wait because there was a storm rolling in so the outdoor dining was closed. After dinner, we went to our friends home and got unloaded and just hung out for the rest of the night. 
The next morning, as usual, our first stop on town was for food at Husk.  We tried last summer to get in for dinner one night sort of last minute but they were booked solid, so we were so happy to walk right in to a seat on the second story piazza with no wait for lunch. It definitely did not disappoint.

Caroline loved sitting on the piazza and watching all the horse drawn carriages go by. She literally asked to pet every single one she saw. 

I got the shrimp and grits and they were DIVINE! I would absolutely recommend them if you ever eat at Husk. 


The piazza seats at Husk give you a view of the Mills House across Queen Street. 

Another favorite of ours, Poogan's Porch on Queen Street was all decked our for the fourth. Honestly, I could just eat on Queen street every day between Husk, Poogan's and 82 Queen. 

I'm obsessed with the window boxes all over Charleston and kept taking pictures, so Caroline stood in front of one and said, "Get a picture of me and these flowers, Mama"  Don't have to tell me twice.

After lunch, we hit the streets to walk it off as usual and when Caroline spotted all the kids splashing around in the Pineapple fountain, she begged to get in! When in Charleston...
I had no other clothes with us and wasn't about to strip her and put her in, so I told her to stay on the top two steps so she didn't get soaking wet. Of course, she fell in haha. It probably felt great, so oh well. Can't say I didn't see it coming.

Gorgeous Waterfront Park

This is the Palmer House where Juston booked our stay last summer for my 30th bithday. 

Rainbow Row, probably one of the most photographed places in Charleston. 

Once we finally wound our way from the Battery around to the City Market, we found Big Al, the sweetest horse that just let Caroline love on him for the longest time. She is obsessed with horses...a true Kentucky girl. 

The crepe myrtles were all showing off and just beautiful!

A bridal photo shoot was going on when we were strolling though the College of Charleston. I have to say, after touring the campus, I totally did college all wrong. I need a do-over so I can apply here!

It was another great Charleston trip for the books! We already have our return to our favorite city planned for November. The next stop on our trip was Beaufort, South Carolina. I'll get those pictures all loaded for the next vacation post. Happy Monday!


  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charleston :)

    1. We sure did! And I completely agree. I haven't found another place yet that has captured my heart quite like Charleston did the first time we went there!