3 and 31

Monday, August 10, 2015

What an action-packed end of the week we had last week! Mine and Juston's anniversary, Caroline's birthday and my birthday all happen over a period of three days so we do a lot of celebrating, eating and partying during early August. Last Wednesday was our anniversary, which we didn't really do anything super special for. I always make us a Caribbean dinner in honor of our honeymoon there and we traded our presents. I got Juston tickets to a Tennessee football game and he got me a chandelier I've been wanting in our entryway. 

Friday was mine and Caroline's birthday! I had her on my birthday, so it'll be impossible to ever top that birthday gift. I had my sister's kids spending the night Thursday, so the party started early Friday morning when we all woke up. 

Juston had to work, so he'd left one present each for me and Caroline to open when we got up. Caroline had been eyeballing the horse trailer he got her on a recent trip to Tractor Supply so she was so excited to open that up!
After presents came breakfast...chocolate donuts with sprinkles. We're creatures of habit around here when it comes to breakfast, so she was so excited to see something other than eggs and toast on her plate.

She made probably the biggest mess I've seen her make in recent memory while eating that thing, but she loved it. And my sister's kids were pretty pleased with their breakfast, too. 

After breakfast, Caroline, Cammie and myself headed to Mt. Sterling to finish up a little birthday shopping, then ran back home to gather the rest of the kids and head to my parents for the afternoon. 

Friday evening, Juston made us a steak dinner and then we went back to my parents for homemade ice cream, which we only get on our birthdays, so it tastes even better since it's a special occasion ice cream!

A funny story about Caroline and what was her favorite present she opened on Friday, that fishing pole. She worked and worked getting it opened up one tiny piece of paper at a time, she finally figured out what it was and got so excited. Then she started looking around and finally asked her Daddy, "Where's my tacklebox?" It was the cutest thing! I think she may be outdoorsy. 

Speaking of the great outdoors, Saturday Juston and I headed down to Laurel Lake to try out paddleboarding for the first time. Juston has done quite a few adventure races over the years, so he has a lot of experience with kayaking and being out on the water. Me, not so much. I go out on the boat with my sister and her family all the time, but I mainly stay on the boat, and it doesn't require me paddling. Still, I work out a lot, so I thought this would be a piece of cake ;)

It was a perfect day to be out on the water. As for the paddleboarding, at first, I was annoyed with myself because I'd paddle with all I had and make it about two feet forward in five minutes. Everytime I'd paddle, my front end would end up going plum sideways. Finally, Juston saw fit to teach me about the J stroke, so basically drawing a J in the water with your paddle to straighten out your front end at the end of your paddle stroke and I took off after that. Once I felt like I was decent at it, I loved it. We stayed out on the water for about four hours and just had the best time...until that snake came swimming right at me when I was in the middle of the lake and Juston was already up on the shore. Oh.Em.Gee. It took everything I had not to cuss like a sailor, but there were kids all over the place on the shore, and I sure wouldn't appreciate my child hearing the words that were flying through my head hah. So I tried to calmly tell Juston what was going on. He offered to paddle out to me, but I waited until the snake was close enough, because it was literally on a crash course with my board, and I smacked the shit out of it with my paddle and it disappeared. I was officially ready to get out of the water after that!

We stopped in Corbin at a place called Bubby's BBQ for dinner and it was soooo good! We had a few errands to run in Lexington, then headed back home to our chick and crashed.
Sunday was birthday party day!

My Aunt and Uncle who own Magee's Bakery made her this precious Minnie Mouse cake! I was conflicted on whether to tell her at the party that I've gotten her a trip to Disneyworld next month, which is why I went with the Minnie Mouse theme, but decided to wait for two reasons. The first is obvious...she will ask a million times a day every day from now until then when we will be at Disney, but mainly, I want to see her face when she figures out for herself where we are, most likely when we see Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom, out first stop on our first day. I'm honestly not a huge Disney person, (my sister and her family totally are), but I'm getting so excited to see how excited I know Caroline will be for everything there. 

I spent most of the day Sunday getting ready for the party that evening. We had BBQ, baked beans, coleslaw, corn, fresh fruit, pineapple punch, the best cake, petit fours (cake squares) and tea wafer cookies (all from Magee's).  I really wanted to do more with the decorations outside since Juston had built a new table and benches for us, but the forecast had been calling for storms all week and I didn't want to waste money on decorations I wouldn't end up using. Of course it ended up being sunny and beautiful, but I highly doubt Caroline will remember the lack of outdoor decor ;) 

That present holds the tacklebox her Daddy just had to stop and get her from Dick's when we were in Lexington Saturday :)

 We had such a great weekend and are so thankful to our friends and family who came out to celebrate with us throughout the weekend. We really are blessed with some incredible people who we love so very much. I'm very excited for the things ages 3 and 31 will bring our way. 

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