Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A few weeks ago, my sister and her family took their vacation to Disneyworld, which is absolutely their favorite place to go. My sister loves Disney so much, she actually started her own Disney vacation planning business and she booked our upcoming surprise trip for Caroline! If you're looking to book your own trip and do it on a budget, give her page a visit and contact her here.  Anyway, I love giving gifts and I love surprises, so I decided I'd try my hand at making a Mickey Mouse wreath I'd seen on Pinterest and have it hanging on their front door when they returned home from their trip. I really loved the way it turned out, so I thought I'd share the how to here. I've also linked to the original DIY that I followed at the bottom of this post.

What you need:

4 yards black burlap
1 large wreath form
2 smaller wreath forms
strong tap (packing, duct, etc.)
2 rolls of wired ribbon

First, you attach the smaller wreath forms to the larger by loosening the wire that runs lengthwise on the forms and looping the large through the smaller and the smaller through the large. Once you've tightened the wire back up with the needlenose pliers, wrap them securely with the tape you're using.

I bought burlap from Joann Fabric, but they also sell it in rolls in Hobby Lobby, which would eliminate a step from how I did this as well as save you a lot of time, but Joann didn't have the rolls when I went, so I had to work with what I had. Initially, I only picked up two rolls of burlap, but had to go back for two more in order to have enough to finish. To do the burlap, start on the outer loop of the wreath and secure the burlap by tying it to the wreath form in a knot. then, starting from the back of the wrath, bring the burlap through to the front, twist it a few times to secure it in place, then push it up through the middle row of the wreath, then in the inside, etc continuing until you have the whole wreath filled. The original post I've linked below probably does a better job of explaining this than I do, so refer to it if that doesn't make sense. 

I made the bow to attach to the wreath as well, but honestly, I don't remember how. I just watched a Youtube video how to and followed along with it. I don't really like how the bow turned out though, so I will pribably do a new one and make it bigger to suit the size of the wreath a bit better. But the Walton's loved it and I think it turned out really cute. You can use whatever size wreather forms you want, but I went with some larger ones so that the wreath would really stand out on the door. I think I used 17" for the large and 12" for the smaller. 

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