Pink Monday

Monday, August 17, 2015

So how did y'all make out in the Lilly sale this year? I thought overall, the process of shopping and checking out was much smoother than it has been in years past. At first, I thought the whole virtual line concept was going to be a big ole mess, but it turned out okay. I got almost all of what I had on my wishlist that was available. I logged into the site just before 8:00 am and had to wait until about 8:45 to get into the site and shop.   Here's what I snagged...

There will be some matchy matchy going on next summer ;) No big suprise there I guess. I got myself and Caroline both dresses in the Big Flirt print and I got us both swimsuits in Scuba to Cuba. Those were two of my favorite prints from the spring/ early summer so I was super excited to snag them. 

I was really excited to snag the outfit pictured above as well. I like that it's not the typical Lilly bright patterns but still their trademark quality. You can't go wrong with callahan shorts. 

I was able to get the Valencia top pictured, but missed out on my size in the shorts I really wanted to go with it, the bright navy treasure pictured below. I guess I'll troll ebay and hope they pop up. 

One thing I particularly had my eye out for was the Seafayer one piece. I'm not typically a one piece lover, but this suit was just so beautiful! They were out of my size on the Lilly site, but I managed to grab it from In the Pink Online. I typically wear small in Lilly, but always size up when I order workout gear or swimwear. I had to get a small with this since that's all that was left, so I'm hoping it will work. Hope everyone got what they were hoping for! Have a great Monday.

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