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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. Caroline and I stayed busy running errands, making crafts, going to gymnastics class and cooking dinner while baking cookies for Juston's office suite mates. 

Last week, I had my regularly schedule bi-yearly dentist appointment so Caroline went with me and had her pearly whites checked out as well. It's the second time she's gone with me and sat in the chair, but the first time she really let them use the instruments to clean her teeth a bit. They told me while we were there that they wanted me to bring her back to put a sealant on one of her molars. She has the exact same deep grooves in them that I have because I had to have the very same thing done when I was younger as a preventative measure to keep from getting cavities. So we go back next month to have that done. She did so great letting the hygenist and my dentist check her out. She did everything they asked her to do and was pretty interested in the process of me getting my teeth cleaned. She asked Miss Heidi, the hygienist a million questions and kept holding my hand asking if I was going to be okay. I think it really helped that Miss Heidi sits behind us a church so Caroline recognized her already. 


One of our new weekly rituals is that when we grocery shop, Caroline brings her own buggy into the store and picks a few things to put in her cart. Yesterday, her picks were cheese cubes, a lime, mini golden oreos and her milk. It's quite the spectacle and such a conversation starter. I can't tell you how many people will stop her and ask her about her cart and she just talks everyone's ear off if her mouth isn't full of the free bakery cookie she hunts down every trip. We also had to pick up some cupcakes from the bakery per Caroline's request yesterday for my Dad's birthday. She said "We should make Papa a cake and some ice cream for his birthday." My mom usually makes his favorite German Chocolate cake, so we picked out cupcakes instead. 
She really does well when pushing her cart staying right with me and not getting in anyone's way most of the time. I should note, I never let her take this in if we HAVE to go to Wal-Mart. I say 'have' because it has to be absolutely necessary for me to go to Wal-Mart before I'll go there. I'd rather pay more at Kroger and not have to deal with some of the colorful clientele you find in our local Wal-Mart haha. I'm afraid if I let her take in there, she'd get plowed down. 

We drive a few counties over for Caroline's gymnastics class to the gym that I trained at for about fifteen years growing up. They were closed for two weeks for summer vacation and then it was our birthday week so we missed that one, but we finally got started back up this week. Honestly, I was a little weary of taking her. She had a meltdown at her last class before summer break. Caroline is not a child that cries unless she's hurt or really, really upset. She has a laid back temperment, so it takes a lot to upset her. But at her last gymnastics class before break, about thirty minutes into class, she just started bawling her little eyes out and wouldn't calm down to tell me what was wrong, so I took her and left. She has never done anything like that and I've been taking her to tumbling since spring. The only thing I can figure is that she was tired from having been in the pool that day or was just not as comfortable since it was a teacher she had never had before. Well, you'd never know today. She saw the gym owner and ran up to him and hugged him so big, then did the same thing when she spotted her usual teacher come out of the office. She had the biggest time and it was just her and two other kids. She hugged and thanked both of her teachers at the end of class without having to be asked and it made me so proud when I heard her normal teacher tell the other one that Caroline was "the sweetest child ever." I was so happy. 

When we got home, I threw together some chicken salad sandwiches and some spinach salad. It was quick and easy so I thought I'd share the "recipe".

Chicken Salad:

Cooked three thin chicken breast through, then shredded them once they'd cooled. To that I added probably 2-3 heaping spoonfulls of Duke's mayo, a handful of cut up grapes, a few tablespoons of dried cranberries, a small handful of pecan pieces (because they're cheaper than whole), 1 tablespoon of poppyseeds and salt and pepper to taste. I served mine over lettuce on whole grain bread. 

Spinach Salad:

Spinach, goat cheese, slivered almonds, avocado, dried cranberries. As much as you want of all of those things. Then top with poppyseed dressing and squeeze a wedge of orange overtop of it all. It's super easy, but I'm always looking for things to throw together fast for supper that I usually have on hand so I thought I'd share. 

We dined al fresco per Caroline's request on the almost finished table and benches Juston built for our deck a couple of weeks ago. I'll share some pictures of it once I get it stained. We've had it setting so that the wood could weather, the Juston sanded it last weekend and I'm going to stain it as soon as I have time this week. It looks really great so far. Anyway, back to dinner. Caroline said "Can we eat outside and have a dinner party?" A girl after my own heart ;)

Finally, I've added some new items to my Etsy shop :)  I'm working on some cute new SEC wrap headbands and knot hats this week, too that I hope to have up this weekend. 

You can find these items and other by clicking over to my shop here. Have a great Tuesday!

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