The Adventures of Caroline and Catty Cat

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Well...this happened this past weekend....

Meet Catty Cat, or CC for short. Caroline and I were down in our driveway chatting with a neighbor Friday evening when this little one came wandering out of the woods across from our house. It is such a sweet little thing and took to Caroline right away. We of course pet it and loved on it. I say 'it' because we're still not positive whether we have a boy or a girl. It's a very small little cat, so I'm guessing not more than three or four months old. And sweeeeet. 

I didn't want to fool with the cat too much in case it belonged to someone. I felt pretty sure it didn't because I've never seen it around before and it was on the skinny side. When Catty Cat was still hanging out in our back yard on the deck come Saturday morning, to spite both of our dogs chasing it, it seemed pretty clear we had a new cat. The poor little thing was ravenous when I fed it some cheese and just kept drinking the dogs' water so I really don't feel like it had a home before. Well, it does now. I honestly can't believe Juston was on board with this. I'd take every dog or cat around if I had room to put them all, but Juston never had pets growing up and was definitely not a cat person. But he actually agreed on the condition that CC stays outside. 

CC discovered Caroline's playhouse in the backyard and has set up shop in there, napping in her camping chair most of the time when she's not playing or eating. Our black dog, Lucy, who is the least playful dog ever, chased CC once on Friday and has basically ignored it ever since. Dixie, our little Shih Tzu, has been another story though. I think she's slowly learning her lesson after a few swats to the nose from CC after getting a little too forward with it. 

The cat is unbelievable with Caroline. Love her heart, she just wants to pick the cat up constantly and doesn't want to hear that she shouldn't bother her all the time. To CC's credit, she tolerates the constant attention very, very well. We're trying very hard to teach Caroline the right way to deal with CC. She's doing fairly well for no longer than we've had it. 

So there you have it. The newest member of the Pate farm, CC. I foresee many. many memories in the making for CC and Caroline.

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