The Weekend

Monday, August 3, 2015

This was Caroline's last weekend as a two-year-old! This time next week she will officially be three. I can't even believe it will have been three years since our little beauty came into this world. We've had a great, laid-back, water-filled weekend. It started Friday afternoon when we met Juston for lunch at the cutest little cafe downtown, The Parc Cafe. It's been open for quite awhile now, but Friday was the first time mine and Juston's lunchtime schedule was freed up at the same time. It was absolutely the best place I've eaten in our downtown area!

Saturday morning, I got up early to meet a friend at the gym and workout. Caroline had just gotten up when I got home and was in the mood to cowgirl up. She loves putting on parts of her Halloween costume from last year at random and saunter down the hallway saying "Howdy ma'am" and tip her hat at me. She's just the best. 

Saturday afternoon we headed to my sister's and spent the rest of the day in the pool with the family. Juston isn't much of a water lover, so he usually doesn't tag along to the pool or boat. Speaking of boat, that's where we were all day Sunday. It was absolutely the most beautiful summer day. Summer is by far my favorite season and weekends like this are precisely the reason why. 

Just waiting to hitch a ride on the boat. 

We usually dock at a little island up the river where a lot of people will hang out for the day. Caroline just had a blast playing with all the other kids, running into the water to splash, building sandcastles, burying each other in the sand and swimming around. She is such a social little chick. She'd walk up to some child she had never seen before, ask them their name and just start playing. I hope she's always so inclusive of everyone. 

All the playing definitely wore her out though because we were only about five minutes into the return trip to the dock and she was sacked out. It was such a great weekend. In between water fun, I've been working on updating the bathroom a bit. I'm painting it and have a few things coming in to update it a bit and hopefully make it more storage efficient. I will share pictures as soon as I get finished. I'm loving it so far. Next weekend will be a pretty busy one with two big birthdays coming on Friday and celebrating all weekend long!

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