Zoo Day

Monday, August 24, 2015

With the last few weeks of summer quickly winding down, I want to make sure that Caroline is able to do as many fun outdoor activities and events as possible, so a trip to the zoo was definitely on the list of things to do while summer is still here. We packed up Friday morning and headed north to Cincinnati to visit their zoo. 

I just happened to park at the entrance that comes in right beside the carousel (that you have to pay $3 a pop to ride), so obviously that was our first stop of the day. Caroline just talked and talked about riding the carousel the entire trip up. We really did pick a great day to go because they were running a promotion where everyone's entrance was half price. I was pretty excited about that one. 

As soon as we got off the carousel, they had a man prompting people for face painting, so I asked Caroline if she wanted hers painted and she excitedly agreed. I was amazed at how still she sat the entire five minutes it took to transform my little cheetah. 

She was so cute. When the man finished painting her face, I told her to say 'thank you'. So she looked at him and said, "What's your name". He told her his name was Steven so she says to him, "Thank you, Steven." My girl may just be a people person. She gets it honest on both sides I believe. 

We just took off from there without any real plan in mind. I just pushed Caroline in the stroller and every time we came to an animal or attraction, I'd tell her what it was and she'd tell me if she wanted to see whatever it was. She really did a great job riding in her stroller, so that was a relief to not have to carry her around on such a hot day. She's never been keen on the stroller for longer than about fifteen minutes.

She is at such a fun age for this trip because she's so interested in seeing all the animals and watching whatever it was they were doing. Some were more interesting than others. Seems like all the big cats ever feel like doing is snoozing, but I knew that would probably be the case on such a hot day. Caroline wanted so badly to see a cheetah though, especially after getting her face painted. I have no idea where that fixation came from, but it was short lived. 

She absolutely loved feeding the giraffe. I couldn't get a good picture of her because I had to hold her so she could reach, but she had the biggest smile on her face. We ended up walking around for about three hours or so and while we didn't see everything, we saw all of what Caroline asked to see specifically. Before leaving, we had to get in one more carousel ride and get some Dippin Dots. 

I love doing little day trips like this just the two of us. Caroline really is such a sweet and joyful little girl and we have fun. I'm so grateful for these days with her because they are flying by so fast. I also felt like this was a really great practice run before our trip to Disney next month for me as far as organization and all of that goes. I hadn't carried a diaper bag in at least a year, so it was strange packing it up for the day, bit I got all of her snacks and drinks and my things in there and it's what I'll have to use for Disney, so it was a good dry run. Seeing how excited she was over the zoo makes me so look forward to her reaction when she figures out we are at DisneyWorld. My sister had already got our itinerary all lined out and our reservations/fast passes scheduled, so we'll be so ready when the time comes! 

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