Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, September 10, 2015

 Still running behind over here...nothing new about that. Labor Day weekend was a pretty busy one for us! We packed in lots of visitors and fun. Friday, we had friends in from Charleston, so I made some appetizers and cleaned the house like a crazy lady in anticipation of our company. How is it that I literally clean every day, but when company is coming over, I look around and my house is trashed? It's completely mystifying to me! 
Saturday, Juston was gone before the sun came up since it was opening day for bow hunting. He spend the day in his deer blind so Caroline and I hung out with my family down at mom and dad's. We literally didn't see Juston at all. He came home right around Caroline's bedtime and had a buck to clean...welcome to hunting season around our neck of the woods. Daddy is missing most weekends and a lot of early mornings!

Sunday, I did something that I couldn't tell you the last time I did and spent the day with just my parents and sister. No husbands, no kids, just the four of us. I'm pretty sure it's been at least fifteen years since that has happened, maybe even longer. My brother-in-law gave my parents tickets to the Cincinnati Reds baseball game so they wanted to bring their girls along :)

It was an absolutely perfect day for a ballgame. A little bit hot, but we were in the shade so it was ideal. While we were at the ballgame, Juston took Caroline to the park to hit the playground and feed the ducks and sent me pictures. 

I think she had a big time with her daddy. We headed to the campground for a while that night and then I got to work cleaning the house again once we got home since we had Emi and Madison visiting on Monday from Lexington.  

Can you tell Caroline just never gets any attention from anyone? It's just a shame, isn't it. When she got up on Tuesday morning, she asked me who we were going to see that day. Hah! Well, that was about it for our weekend. I did get some great deals in some of the Labor Day sales for some fall clothes for myself and Caroline, too. What's a weekend without a little shopping?

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