Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What a weekend we had around our parts! It was interesting for sure. Thursday evening, Caroline's little nose started running like a faucet and it lasted for about two more days along with constant sneezing and a little bit of a cough, even. She was back to her normal self by Sunday so I was so happy for that. Then Friday, I noticed a rash on my neck. Well, that turned out to be full on poison ivy, which I'm highly allergic to, so my neck still looks like I've been bit by a zombie. I also have it on both of my legs and my stomach. The itching is out of control....I think it's finally starting to clear up. Anyway, I thought I would share a little bit of what we've been up to the last week. 

Every Thursday, I take Caroline to library for story and craft hour. I wasn't able to over the summer because my work schedule wouldn't allow it. So we started back a few weeks ago and I'm so glad! Caroline has the best time singing and dancing around. She made a new friend this week. There was a new little girl there and she sat down right next to Caroline and reached over to hold her hand. Caroline peeked back at me and just grinned. She's usually the one trying to hug and hand hold other kids and they a lot of times aren't interested, so she was so excited to find an affectionate little buddy. She also made a deer at craft time and decided that her daddy needed it so we drove out to his office to drop it off. 

In super exciting news, our Magic Bands arrived!!! Our Disney trip is getting SOOO close and I'm getting more and more excited to watch Caroline's enjoyment and excitement over everything. We still haven't told her, but I can almost guarantee if she spied the bands, she would figure it out, so they're being hidden right now ;)

I had such a busy and productive weekend around the house. One of my projects included making a peach pound cake from a new cookbook I got since I had some fresh from South Carolina peaches to use up. It was a bit of a disaster though. The cake baked over and covered the oven coils and it smelled like I'd burned the house down. It actually still tasted okay, but I finally realized Juston had had the oven on before me and I didn't think to ask the temperature, I just set it to 325 and put my cake it. Turns out he'd been using it on 450 and it hadn't even come close to cooling down, so the cake disaster mystery is now solved, but I was still pretty salty about it. I also made up some banana muffins, which were another casualty of not letting the oven cool off before using. I was starting to think I was jinxed in the kitchen on Saturday. 
I was also able to get a first coat of stain on the table Juston built for our deck, stain the trim around the front door, which has been on my to-do list since May, got lots of outside landscape work done and tons of cleaning. I love weekends where I can visually see the fruits of my labor. 

I'll leave y'all with a funny. I saw this on Instagram the other day and it made me laugh. I'm not a terrible offender when it comes to the giant bows, but I do love a bow topper for my girl. Have a great Wednesday.

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