Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm so behind on blogging, but I wanted to be sure to document the fun day Caroline and I had in Lexington early last week. I had a very dear friend in town from North Carolina staying with her daughter (our Goddaughter) at UK, so we made plans to meet up on my day off for some fun and catching up. I was needing to get to Lexington anyway to exchange some shorts at the Lilly Pulitzer store, so it all worked out great. We hit the Lilly store before meeting up with Missy.

I can't snap a decent picture of my child anymore, she's apparently passed the cooperative phase for the time being. Sit and smile no longer works. Anyway, Caroline LOVES the colorful dressing rooms at The Peppermint Palm and will just go sit on the benches and look in the mirror. She also loves the giant magna Doodle they have in their little play area, so she was great for me while I did a little bit of shopping. 

Once we had that errand taken care of, we headed over to meet up with Missy and grab some lunch. We picked a new place close to campus called Freakin' Burger. I know, they thought long and hard about that name. And ironically, I got the best fish tacos from the burger place. Go figure. 

These were seriously so amazing. Caroline at a little bit, but didn't love the chipotle sauce, so we ended up going to Chick Fil A later for her. If you're in Lexington, I would definitely recommend trying this place out. It's located where Hugh Ass Burger used to be across from Kennedy Book Store. 
After lunch, we headed back to the apartment to visit for awhile. Caroline was so excited that Missy brought their dog, Aubie. He's just the cutest, sweetest, boy and they typically play very well together. I used to dog sit Aubie when he lived in Kentucky :)

Caroline also had a great time re-arranging all the magnets on Emi and Madison's fridge for them. 


After we visited and walked around for a few hours, Caroline and I headed to chick fil a to get her some grilled nuggets and let her play in the playplace before we headed to Morehead for her weekly gymnastics class. She had the playplace to herself which is always a relief to me. A lot of times, we get there and big kids are in there running wild all but knocking the littler ones all over the place. It takes all of my self control not to discipline those kids myself since their parents usually can't be bothered to come in and watch them, but I know Caroline is smart enough to get out of the way or avoid where the wild bunch is. I do get super annoyed when this happens though. 

I also saw something a friend of mine shared on their Facebook page this week that I wanted to share as well, because I thought it was a really powerful reminder of just how much impact our tone and words can have on our babies. 

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