Our Weekend

Monday, September 14, 2015

We really packed the fun in this weekend! It's the first time it's really started to feel like fall around here, which to be honest, I'm still not ready for. It's always hard for me to let go of summer when the time comes. Friday evening, my sisters girls spent the night with us, so we went out for dinner and then headed to the annual Fall Festival a local church here hosts as a fundraiser. It had been pouring rain the whole time we were eating, but we managed to catch a break in the weather for about an hour, which was just long enough for all the girls to play the games at every booth and win tons of prizes and candy. We headed inside to see a few people and check out the Sweet Shop and wouldn't you know it started pouring again just as we were leaving, which wouldn't have been a huge deal if we weren't parked three blocks away. We made a run for it and all got soaked, but we had a great time at the festival. It's so funny when you have those full circle moments in life. I used to absolutely love going to the Fall Festival with my best friend, Amanda when we were in school. She went to St. Patrick (the private Catholic school that hosts the event) and so did a ton of the cute boys ;) So we always looked forward to the event. It was so fun being able to take my nieces and Caroline when I hadn't been myself in at least five years, maybe more. 

Saturday was another gloomy sort of day most of the time. Juston had to work the Rotary Club's horse show all day, so I got up early to workout before he had to leave, then cleaned most of the morning while the older girls entertained Caroline. I'm telling you what, having those nieces and nephew is a God send when I'm wanting to get things done around the house! Juston asked me to bring Caroline out to the Horse Show that evening for something fun. They have a stick pony division that kicks off the event each year. The children can bring their stick ponies, get a race number and go our in the ring to trot around. Luckily the rain stopped right as they were calling the kids out. The good Lord was on our side with the rain this weekend ;)


Caroline was SO PROUD of that medal she got! It was just adorable. Juston had to work the rest of the event on up into the night, so Caroline and I headed to Dairy Queen, then home to watch a little bit of football, Go Dawgs!

Sunday was absolutely beautiful. Sunny and mid sixties. We had planned on taking Caroline to Evans Orchard in Georgetown and my youngest niece asked if she could come, too, so we picked her up and hit the road. It was super busy, but such a fun time. If you're anywhere near central Kentucky, you should definitely check out Evans Orchard. This was the first time I had been and we will absolutely be going back. 

There was a huge fenced in area just as you came in that held so many fun activities for kids and buddy, we did 'em all. 

The big Apple Cider Slider area was definitely the girls favorite that day. They spent at least a half an hour just climbing the steps up and sliding back down again. Caroline's white britches didn't fare too well on the dirt mountain climb. Poor move on my part. 

They had a jumping area set up for younger kids as well as a separate one for the older kids, which I was really happy for.  And who could resist a pony ride on a cute little midget pony! It may be a Kentucky thing, but Caroline has loved horses since she could articulate about them. She could probably use a healthy dose of fearful respect, but never hesitates to pet them when the opportunity presents itself.

She was itching to hop on a tractor and drive around as soon as she spotted them. This was probably the longest wait time we had all day to do something (besides the ladies restroom), and it only took about ten minutes before we could snag one for her to ride. 

Once we spent a couple of house in the activity area, we grabbed lunch at the cafe, (the BBQ was really good!) and hopped on the hay ride through the orchards. 

We were ready to pick some apples and call it a day after the hay ride. Juston got quite the upper body workout when we were apple picking. Most of the good ones had been picked over except for up high. Sometimes it pays to have a tall hubby :)

 It was just the most perfect day we could have asked for, made even better when we topped it off with some apple cider donuts for the ride home.



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