We had a super laid back weekend around our parts. I did a ton of cleaning and organizing around the house. Something about changes in the season make me want to organize and re-decorate. Speaking of redecorating, I'm almost finished with the little facelift on the Master Bathroom I started a few weeks ago and have started on a small project in the Guest Bathroom as well. I'm excited to share those once they're all finished up. I still need to get a storage piece and new faucet for the master and am waiting on some fabric to complete the guest bath. If it were up to me, I'd love to do new tile and shower areas, but that's just not in the budget.

I've had the worst poison ivy on both of my forearms and MY FACE for the last almost two weeks now, so holding Caroline has been difficult at best. Mostly, I just have to sit still and try not to touch her when she climbs in my lap. I'd had it three weeks ago all over my neck, thighs and stomach, so you could imagine how delighted I was when it showed up again a mere week after the first bout with it cleared up. I'm super allergic to it, so it gets really nasty looking and spreads pretty bad once I have it. I probably should have gotten a shot, but it's mostly cleared up now. I'm just praying it doesn't show up again and I'm so thankful Caroline didn't catch it.

Caroline and I made one of our favorite breakfasts Saturday morning. Anytime someone is cooking or baking in the kitchen, she has to come and help. She loves to dump ingredients in and stir. I let her use the electric mixer from time to time and that's probably her favorite. We made bacon, pancakes and cheese grits with Palmetto Cheese. If you've never tried it that way, do yourself a favor and you will LOVE it!

I feel like she has started looking grown up a lot this summer. Her hair is getting longer and almost all of her little baby chub on her legs is gone. 

While I was working out at the gym and staining a table on the back deck Saturday afternoon, Juston took Caroline out to run some errands. I'd asked him to pick up a foddershock and hay bail while he was out for the front porch since I finally threw my ferns out and to my surprise, he came home with those and lots of extras. He picked up mums, pumpkins and gourds all on his own. He's learning :) And of course we have our little UGA on the porch for football season. Go Dawgs!

I love the way the little porch looks all decked out for a new season. I don't think I've shared the red front door since I got it painted either. I just finished sanding and staining the trim around it this weekend, so it's officially finished now. My favorite part has to be the pineapple door knocker I found on eBay a few months ago. My little ode to Charleston out front between the red door and pineapple knocker. I really need to pressure wash the porch now and would love to have a carriage lantern type of light fixture hanging down over the door as well, but I've got about ten other projects to finish up before I get to that :) Hope everyone is having a great week.

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