Whirlwind of a Week

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Last week was a doozie! We ran and ran and then ran some more covering just about every activity we could squeeze in and I'm still exhausted. But it was such a fun week with some of our best friends. Last Saturday, Caroline and I headed to Sanford, NC to visit with our friends for the weekend. We spent most of Sunday in Southern Pines and Pinehurst, both of which are beautiful and I can't wait for a return trip. I'm thinking Juston and I may make a long Southern Pines weekend a must do trip in the spring. 

 Lunching at the Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Southern Pines! A definite thumbs up from our party!

 I got the BBQ at the Ice Cream Parlor. When in Carolina... It was so delicious.

Strolling the streets with her buddies. Caroline just loves this bunch and has a ball every time we're together. Addi, the youngest next to Caroline has so much patience with her and they are so cute to watch play together. 

We headed home from Sanford Monday and brought Lexi, our oldest Godchild back to KY with us for a visit before she started her new nursing job at Duke Medical.  I had to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but we managed a visit to one of my friends to meet her new baby boy and visited the library for story hour.

 Caroline was entranced with Taylor's little boy Elias. She just kept watching him and walking over and touching his toes. When Taylor asked her if she wanted to hold him, she jumped right up on the couch and held out her arms.  It was so cute. 

Thursday evening, we met up with the Lovings, who had made their way to Ky earlier in the day for the Auburn vs. Kentucky game at Commonwealth. I didn't have a Dawg in the fight since it wasn't Georgia playing, so I just wore navy trying to be neutral. I ruined that with my accessories though. hah. It was the perfect night for football. I was worried we may end up freezing, but it never got below 60 degrees while we were there. 

Friday was a much needed day of nothingness. I cleaned the house, tried to catch up on laundry and prepped some food. Other than that, I. did. nothing. It was awesome. 

Saturday, I got up early and headed to the gym to get my workout in before we left for Keeneland for the day. Caroline always loves it there. She's befriended one of the employees who stands where the horses enter and exit and he always gives her peppermints for the track horses when we're there. We tailgated for a bit beforehand, then headed in to play the ponies. I won a race for the second time ever in my years of going to Keeneland and for the first time, I left with more money than I came in with! 

Sunday, our friends headed home to North Carolina and I caught up on everything that I neglected during the rest of the week. I love weeks with so much fun and fellowship, I just wish they didn't go by so quickly. We have some fun things planned for this weekend as well and then before we know it, October is over and it's time to start prepping and planning for the Holidays! Have a great week!

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