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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I have never been much of a beauty product junkie at any point in my life. My everyday makeup effort usually included mascara, Vaseline on my lips and maybe some blush if I think I'll run into people. I have always cleaned my face with rubbing alcohol or soap so I'm not real high maintenance when beauty products are involved, but I've been getting more into playing around with makeup lately and trying new things. I joined a Makeup Group one of my friends has on Facebook and her looks are always incredible, so I have tried a few new things as a result of recommendations that have been made through that page and have found a few new favorite products and makeup that I've really liked, so I wanted to share some of them. I've included links to everything as well in case anyone is interested in giving any a try. 

With the recent drop in temperatures, my hair and skin are already drying out like crazy. Usually, as soon as the static starts in my hair, dry lips and hands are the next to come. This lip scrub has been really great so far. I also used the lotion below the last few winters and nothing has helped the dry skin on my hands more! 

Speaking of hair static, last winter, I was talking to my hair dresser about how I always used tons of hairspray in the winter in an effort to keep my static under control. She looked at my like I was a nut and told me that wouldn't help, to use leave-in conditioner. I'd always used conditioner sparingly because it tends to make my hair look greasy super fast, but I tried an Aveeno brand leave-in spray conditioner and it has really helped with keeping my static in least until I put something fleece on or forget to put a dryer sheet in the dryer, then all bets are off.


I have tried so many mascaras in the past few months, but I always come back to this one. It's hands down my favorite and I love that it's cheap by comparison and I can grab it at the grocery store. It is weird when it washes off because all the little lash fibers come off and it looks like your lashes are coming out, but it's not and it washes off so clean with warm water and little effort. This is the only mascara I have that doesn't leave racoon rings the next morning if it's not all completely washed off. 

I don't wear foundation often at all, maybe once every other week and for special events, but I really like these makeup blending sponges when I do use it. 

I've talked about this palate recently, but I really do love it.  SO many great options you can create with it from everyday looks to more dramatic smoky eye looks.

The last two are pretty self explanatory, but still newer favorites that I tried as a result of my friend recommending them.  If you have any favorites you swear by and want to share, leave them in the comment section so I can give some new things a try.  


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