Five on Friday

Friday, November 27, 2015


Anybody else feeling about like the fluffy cat after Thanksgiving besides me? Oh. My. Word. I ate way too much food yesterday and I sort of don't even feel bad about it. I did report to the gym today to repent. The way I see it, I work out all the time and eat relatively well most of the time so I'm sure going to enjoy the holiday when it rolls around. 


I don't know about everyone else, but you couldn't pay me good money to go out on Black Friday and shop. I don't like crowds, early mornings or rude people so it's definitely not my scene. But, Small Business Saturday is a shopping cause I can get behind! I love supporting small businesses and have met some great friends from frequenting some local shops while traveling.  Plus, you can usually find so many more unique finds.  Juston and I will be on the road most of the day tomorrow, but I plan to hit up a few of my favorite small business websites from the highway. A few of my favorites:


So after about three years of starting to do it, but ending up not at the last minute for various reasons, I've finally signed up to take classes and get my real estate license. I work part time now and stay pretty flexible, but I really wanted to take on something that would be just as flexible, but allow me to put a little bit of money away for savings and travel and other things like decorating the house. I've always been so interested in houses, particularly historical properties, and could see myself taking on some rental properties as well. I'd love to be able to get more into design work someday, too, but this really just isn't the area for that sort of thing. I should be finished with classes and ready to take my exam around May/ June. It's certainly going to be a busy spring and summer around here, but all good things. 


I was feeling a little crafty in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, so I made this fruit turkey for an appetizer. It was so fast and so easy, but no one ate any of it! haha. I didn't get finished making my sides and getting everyone ready until right at noon, so by the time we got to my parents, all the food was ready, no need for appetizers. Oh well, I'm enjoying some fruit now at least. Next year, I'll make it and take it the day before so it's already there and ready for snacking. 


I'm so excited that the holidays are here and so excited for all of our family traditions. Outside of decorating, I'm most excited for the scents of the season, mainly baking scents, but I'm also going to give this seasonal scent recipe a try to make the house smell Heavenly. I envision this bubbling on the stove while I sit wrapping Christmas presents with Christmas music playing in the background. But in all likelihood, nothing nearly that relaxing or picture perfect will happen. I'm still making the dang potpourri! Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fabulous and you enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. 

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