House Tour: Set the Table

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I absolutely love to entertain. Cooking for people and having guests enjoy the food I've made is one of my favorite things, and we have people over a lot.  We've had so many people in and out over the last couple of months that I feel like I'm still not caught up on dishes, but it's a small price to pay for all the wonderful people who grace out doorstep. Ideally, I'd love to have a formal dining room where we could have a big 12 seater table with antique buffet, china cabinet and servers to utilize, but for now, we make do with our little 6 seater table in our eat-in kitchen. I had the table set a couple of weeks ago for a brunch we were hosting, so I took advantage and snapped a few pictures. 

This table was one that Juston had when we got married and I've never gotten around to replacing it. It is definitely not my style. I'm hoping to find something in either a dark mahogany or maybe black, but whatever we choose can't be too much bigger than this one because we just don't have the room for it. 

I'd love to maybe take out our sliding door and replace it with french doors so that entertaining in both the eat-in kitchen and on the patio just outside the doors would have a better flow. I've wanted to turn the patio into a screened in porch for a few years now, but I just can't get Juston on board. Usually, if it involves spending money, he's not one to jump at the opportunity. Dixie apparently wanted to get in on the picture taking. Truth be told, anytime I'm working in the kitchen, she isn't far from my feet, waiting to cavage any scraps that fall. 

Nothing makes a table, or a room for that matter like fresh flowers. At least in my opinion. 

I have placemats for the other two places at the table, but adding them just makes the table look cluttered, so I've never put them out before. 

This little sofa table was actually the first thing Juston build after we got married. It used to sit behind the sofa in the living room, but I re-arranged in the quite awhile ago and while I'd been searching for a new or antique piece that would fit behind the table for storage, this ended up working out just fine and being almost the exact width I was looking for. It was a hard space in which to find a suitable piece since it had to be something fairly thin to allow those chairs to still slide in and out. I'll list sources below for items pictured. Someday when it's all clean and with everything in it's place, I'll share the other side of this room, the kitchen. 

Source List:

Black Rug: Ballard Home Designs
Green Placemats: Ballard Home Designs
Chandelier: Pottery Barn
White place setting: Coronado
White Pineapple: Two's Company from Adele in Lexington,KY
White picture frames: Two's Company from Peacock Ado in Paris, KY

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